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The decision to sell your home can be motivated by different factors, it may be that after years of hard work and raising a family. You want to retire and move to a smaller, and quieter place.

It may be that you have accepted a job offer in another city. Or you may want to get another property, or you need cash right away. There are many reasons why people decided to sell their houses.

But the moment you put your property up for sale can be intimidating. If you are not familiar with the world of the real estate market. You will feel like a solitary sailor in a canoe paddling cross to the Pacific ocean.

Currently, the real estate industry has many resources to facilitate the selling of houses. Below I am going to present you four situations in which you can see some options to sell your property in our city of Portland.

What Can You Expect When You Sell Your Portland Property Through a Real Estate Agent?

Hiring a real estate agent to sell your home is the most traditional option used by motivated homeowners to sell. This option, although popular, is not the only one, nor the most effective option when it comes to seeking quick results.

A real estate agent is a highly trained person in all aspects of home buying and selling properties. In Portland, they must have a valid license issued by the Oregon Real Estate Agency.

A real estate agent guides you through the process of selling your home like this:

  • A visit to your home before signing the exclusive listing agreement, to determine the sale price of your property in your neighborhood market – “Comparative Value”.
  • Starts documentation on the process of selling your house and to register your property on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) lists.
  • He/she does the necessary marketing to show your house on all possible media platforms and publicity means to attract potential buyers.
  • Now to wait for potential buyers to show up and coordinate appointments to visit your property. Today with the coronavirus epidemic it is important that precautions are taken to protect the health of all.
  • Then you should receive a written offer for your house. After you accept it, they proceed to close the sale and you will receive the money for the sale of your house.

In broad strokes, these are the steps for selling a house in the traditional process. You should be willing to wait between 90 to 180 days to close a sale. There have been cases where the whole experience of a real estate agent is not enough, and the properties were withdrawn from the market or were sold up to 25% less than the price they were originally listed.

What to Expect When You Sell Your Home to a Multi-Function Real Estate Company Like Zillow?

Zillow is a company specialized in the real estate business. Mainly they sell memberships and information of homeowners and buyers, to real estate agents. 

However, their activities cover the entire spectrum of the real estate industry. Within this range of functions, they also offer buying houses service in Portland.

When you contact Zillow because you need to sell your house, among other things, you should wait:

  • You join their website where you supply all the information of the home you want to sell in Portland, they based on a computerized program that evaluates y our property and sends you an electronic proposal. In almost all cases the price they send you is in accordance with the real estate market value in your city.
  • You have 3 days to respond to the offer. If you respond then they would make an appointment to send one of their appraisal experts to visit your house. After the appraisal’s report, they send you another modified proposal, up to 25% less than the price of the original offer.
  • If you still decide to accept the reduced proposal, the company without any explanation won’t contact you for the next two weeks. According to Zillow clients reviews it is very difficult to contact a customer representative by telephone.
  • At this moment in the process a month went by after the initial contact. However if you still need to sell your house, the closing process with them will take others

            35 days. More time than you ever imagined.

The above statements are based on reviews that Zillow-affiliated, customers, employees, and real estate agents have posted on,, and reddit, among others. Due to the coronavirus, the company has temporarily suspended the purchase of houses, leaving many clients abandoned without completing their sale transactions, without prior notice.

At our Portland-based Better Off Home Buyers offices, we have received several telephone calls from people who claim to be upset to Zillow. They are customers asking for our help. They said that they feel calm and confident because we serve them directly, not robots answering the phone in our offices. When a client communicates with us, he or she speaks directly with a Better Off Home Buyers executive partner.

What to Expect When You Sell Your Portland Home by Yourself? (Selling By Owner)

Many homeowners choose to sell their Portland home and decide to put a For Sale sign in one window. Then they advertise the house for sale on all platforms available on the internet. Without the assistance of a real estate agent or contacting a professional home buyer such as Better Off Home Buyers, the solo task is very arduous.

Selling a house by yourself at least saves you the commission that the seller real estate agent charges. But the other necessary expenses for the sale, such as the appraisal, paperwork, escrow, titles, lawyer, closing costs, must be done.

Homeowner sellers have to coordinate and receive potential buyers. They must have the time and patience, because according to statistics a property sold by its owner. Takes between 8 months up to one year to close. In general, it sells for 30% less than the market price.

What to Expect When You Sell Your Home to Better Off Home Buyers In Portland?

Better Off Home Buyers is a family-owned company from Portland, we serve people who need to sell their home in Portland, throughout the state of Oregon and in other states of the country, we have helped hundreds of people with their selling house needs.

Below we declare what our clients should expect:

Immediate attention. When clients send us their information through the form found on this page or call us 503-212-9641. We get back to them in 24 hours or less.

In the following conversation we talk about your property for sale and we make an appointment to visit your house in person. 

During this Covid 19 pandemic we use virtual technology to see your house first, and then we will visit your property using gloves, face mask, shoe covers, and we will be careful to disinfect any area we touch.

Following our purchase criteria we will present you with a fair written offer. 

At Better Off Home Buyer our intention is a win-win transaction for everyone involved.

After you approve our offer, we start the purchase documentation for your home. 

The entire process is clear, simple and takes a short time, 7 days in most cases. 

You will receive a check for the price of the property, immediately.

Better Off Home Buyers use its own money to buy homes. We don’t depend on banks or lenders for cash. Our clients do business directly with the owners of the company.

During this epidemic caused by Covid-19 we have the ability to continue to provide excellent service to the Portland community. We work keeping social distance, and taking all the protections recommended by the Oregon authorities and the CDC, in an effort to avoid spreading the coronavirus. 

For Better Off Home Buyers there is nothing more important than the health of our people.

Contact us through this page or call (503) 212-9641

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