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When people hear the term ugly houses they imagine a property that is in poor condition or that its design and construction are not attractive.

But the term Ugly houses far from that refers to properties that within the real estate market have less commercial value, compared to similar properties. 

A property may have less commercial value than another physically equal because it needs expensive repairs. It may have structural damage. In many cases, trends in styles and new products for homes make conservative and traditional properties, lose value compared to the current ones equipped with the latest tendencies. This is something we see daily in Portland.

The Urban Dictionary’s definition for Ugly house is:

Any piece of real estate that an investor would be interested in. An ugly house can have physical damage and in need of major repairs. A house can also be considered an Ugly House due to an “ugly situation” (Divorce/foreclosure/Loss of job)”.

A house is also said to be ugly when it is located in unattractive neighborhoods or in areas of high crime. Properties carrying debts or encumbrances against them are considered ugly.

In general, an ugly house means everything that represents a negative value against a property.

For an ugly house homeowner, facing the need to sell it can be a challenge, but in reality, selling an Ugly house doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

It is necessary to face the situation that is causing the problem, and do whatever it takes to avoid the undesirable conditions to get worse.

Can I Receive Top Value For My Ugly House?

In any real estate market location as well as that of Portland, the value of a house depends on the conditions in which the same market moves. The comparative value of a property is essential to it, the physical home conditions, as the legal and credit situations it faces as well.

Based on these variables, effectively a homeowner of an ugly house in Portland can receive the top value that the property represents, even if the structure of an ugly house has no value at all and it could be a danger to being inhabited, the homeowner who sells it will receive an offer on the land-only.

Can I Find a Buyer If There Are Liens Against My Portland Home?

Of course, there are always buyers in the real estate market ready to buy an aggravated property. Liens are against property not property owners, and the lien goes with the property at the sale. The new owner becomes responsible for payment. However, mortgage companies usually require that the liens are paid from the proceeds of the sale. If ownership changes without payment of the lien, the new owner assumes the lien.

A real estate agent with enough knowledge and experience can help you in selling your house under these conditions.

The problem is that most real estate agents don’t want to deal with this kind of situation. Remember, the sale of a property by the traditional method takes an average of 90 days, a real estate agent requires 6% of the sale value as a commission, and to this, you must add the closing costs that are approximately 5%. 

If a homeowner has debts on his property, the time it takes to sell a house plus the expenses associate with the sale, it would be to sink more into an economic loss, unless your house has a lot of equity. 

In ugly home cases, a real estate investor like Better Off Home Buyers is the best solution in Portland. As in any real estate market transactions, the property for sale will be evaluated by a professional appraiser licensed by the state of Oregon, of course, all debts, credits, taxes, and liens or court orders against the house will be a factor in reaching the final amount of money to present an offer.

Unlike real estate agents, to Better Off Home Buyers it takes a short time to close a house purchase. If the circumstances of the purchase are not extraordinary, we will close a business between 2 to 7 days. 

When for special circumstances a more extensive procedure is required, we can take about thirty days to close. But in all cases, our process of purchasing houses is always faster than the time it takes for a real estate agent.

Better Off Home Buyers has all the knowledge, technology and money to offer a fair price for an ugly home in Portland, our job is to invest in real estate but we are also interested in our clients solving their problems to their satisfaction.

Can You Buy My Property If I Am Behind With My home Loan Payments?

Buying properties is the job of Better Off Home Buyers. A homeowner who is behind in payments finds in our company his problem solution. Delaying loan obligations leads to a foreclosure, a negative credit report, and having to face at least 7 years of inability to be approved to obtain another home loan.

It is unfortunate that a person cannot meet their mortgage obligations, but that is something that happens often, and it is caused by many circumstances.

In the traditional real estate market, you can perfectly sell your home if you are behind your loan payments. The process of selling a property with these characteristics is different from the traditional one because it requires that the sale value could cover the total mortgage obligation and of course the associated sale costs.

In the event that a property doesn’t have enough equity to cover all the sale expenses, it is necessary to negotiate with the lender or the bank to obtain a discount on the debt. In most cases, lenders don’t agree to no settlement, and the homeowner is forced to lose his property and finally go to foreclosure.

At Better Off Home Buyers we have purchased many properties that were about to face foreclosure. We must clarify that although each situation is different, our company takes the time to analyze every single one. We study all the possibilities we have on hand to help homeowners and be able to present them with our best offer. 

House Buying Company in Portland

Our mission is to present our clients with our best possible solution in order to help them purchase their properties. The offer we present to our clients is designed to benefit all the parties involved in a home sale transaction.

Buying a property that is behind on payments is not a problem for Better Off Home Buyers, our house purchasing criteria and our process make buying a home, quick, easy, and we pay in cash.


The term ugly house is defined as:

At Better Off Home Buyers we have years of leading real estate investment companies in Portland, throughout the state of Oregon and in some states of Our country. Offering our clients the best proposals for their properties.

If you are selling your ugly house, contact us, fill out the form on this page and dial the number (503) 212-9641

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