How Can You Sell Your House Fast In Portland, During COVID-19?

During the COVID-19 crisis, Homeowners who need to sell their home quickly in Portland ask the same question, “How can I sell my home quickly in Portland?”

The short and direct answer is; Better Off Home Buyers will buy it!

Better Off Home Buyers, is a family own company in the real estate investment business, we are located in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Our mission is to help homeowners,  who are going through a hard time.  Our work area covers Portland, the entire state of Oregon, and some states across the United States.

We count with many years of experience in our field and depend entirely on our capital to buy your home immediately. We pay cash for your house, our home purchasing process is quick, easy to understand, and the most important it is oriented to save the seller all the expenses and inconveniences that brings hiring a real estate agent.

My name is Scott Dalinger, I am the CEO of Better Off Home Buyers like I mentioned before, we are a family composed of professionals in everything related to the purchase of houses, multi-family units, and land, you can contact me directly by dialing the number (503) 212- 9641. 

During these months after the coronavirus breakout, many homeowners have found themselves in need to sell their properties

Below I want to transcript fragments of a phone call we’ve received.

A tenant-occupied house purchase.

Sometime around May 2020.

We worked with a homeowner who had a second property with tenants, on our first phone contact, we got engaged in the normal questions about his property.

“How long have you owned that house?” I asked him.

“I’ve had that house for 7 years, still doing mortgage payments, at this moment it is occupied with tenants,” He said.

“Your property must be generating income, why do you want to sell it?” I asked.

“Well…Let me tell you, Scott, my tenants were 6 months’ rent behind before the coronavirus breakout. In February I filed an eviction form in court, but for now, everything is closed as you know.” He replied.

Yes, I know, and the moratorium eviction law is in effect,” I said.


The client asked me if we at  Better Off Home Buyer would be willing to make a fair offer for the property as-is. After we visited the house and did a complete inspection, we found out the property was in worse condition than we had imagined. The tenants had misused the house, inside it was dirty, outside the backyard was covered in recycle items and trash. 

Having into account all the details we presented our client with a writing offer. He responded to us the very next day, accepting the proposal.

Then, according to our process, in 7 days we were closing, so the client had cash in his hands soon. He told us that he would make better use of his money in another endeavor and that he did not want to be a landlord again.

we can assist you in purchasing your bad tenant-occupied property. Contact us, fill out the form on this page.

Portland and Multnomah News

Multnomah County announced on July 7 that it is continuing in Phase I indefinitely to protect public health. In a statement, Chair Deborah Kafoury said: “We want to move cautiously toward reopening to avoid taking one step forward only to be forced to take two steps back. Phase II is a big step toward business as usual, and the virus is not sufficiently contained to allow us to take that step. Slow and steady will win this race.”  – Multnomah County web-site.

Hoping for a full reopening, the owners of restaurants and non-essential businesses have remained, after the announcement of Governor Kate Brown on August 28  that Multnomah County is no longer in the watch list

 “While no counties are being added to the Watch List this week, it’s still important that all Oregonians remain vigilant in protecting themselves and their friends, families, and neighbors from this disease. This means keeping up with physical distancing, wearing a face covering, staying home when sick, and washing your hands often,” said Governor Brown.

We Buy Houses in Portland, Oregon.

You may ask yourself; 

How can I sell my house in Portland? Or Who will buy my house in Portland during the COVID-19 struggles? 

Well … you’ve already found the answer. Better Off Home Buyers, we are the company that can help you in Portland.

Selling a home during this epidemic could be a contagious risk. It may take a long time, high realtor commissions, and other expenses would make it worse. Better Off Home Buyers is the professional home-buying company you need in Portland.

We buy your property as it is, it’s true! We will buy your house in the condition that it is. You don’t need to do home repairs, renovations, or have to pay for cleaning, landscaping, and painting. We take care of everything. Either if you are selling your rental occupied house. We will buy it.

You don’t have to pay real estate agent commissions, nor incur in all the expenses and time that it takes to sell your home in the traditional Portland real estate market.

During this epidemic time, you can sell your house without using a real estate agent. 

Just contact us (503) 212-9641.

Let’s Admit It, The Traditional House Sale is a Terrible Experience.

That is why the Better Off Home Buyers mission is giving homeowners like you a better selling house experience. We can close in 7 days, which translates, money in your hands in a short time.

Our home buying process is simple, fast, and gives the seller homeowner the confidence that their home will be bought in a short time avoiding the hassles of dealing with realtors, costs, repairs, and months of uncertainty. 

We work with our capital, we don’t depend on banks or lenders to be loan approved.


Here’s How Better Off Home Buyers Bought Your Home.

You Communicate With Us.

You send us your information by filling out the form you find on this page, or call us directly  (503) 212-9641.

We will discuss the conditions and characteristics of your property, and according to your schedule, we will make an appointment to see your house, physically.

We will meet at your property on the day of the appointment.

Together we will tour your home and take note of its conditions. You don’t have to worry about repairs, cleaning, etc, we will cover them all. After the walk, we will present you with an offer. You are not obliged to accept our proposal immediately. We will sign your house purchasing agreement at your convenience.

We will close when you decide.

It is that easy! We will work according to your schedule. We will take care of the details and paperwork of the purchase after the respective contract is signed you will receive a check representing your house value.

In general, the buying process takes 7 days, of course, it all depends on different factors. Sometimes it takes 2 days or 30 days. 

Forbearance Plans

The CARES act intends to help homeowners with difficulties to comply with their mortgage payments. Debtors can ask their lender for 6 months forbearance, after that time, they can request another 6-month extension without being charged with late payment penalties.

But in the long run, taking the so-called “Benefit” could be a move that later will work against the beneficiary.

Black Knight’s graphic

“According to Black Knight’s McDash Flash Forbearance Tracker, as of August 25, 3.9 million homeowners remain in active forbearance, representing 7.4% of all active mortgages. This is unchanged from last week (or the week prior). Together, they represent $828 billion in unpaid principal. Of these, 72% have had their terms extended.” Black Knight.

Many economists and real estate brokers believe that if in just 5 months after the Covid-19 breakout, homeowners don’t have money to pay their mortgage. Their situation would be worse if in 6 or 12 months the economy won’t recover. Which it could be ending in a huge foreclosure wave. 

Around 4.5 million forbearance plans are active today, an estimated 70%  will extend their forbearance term. At this pace, we can imagine that over 2.5 million homeowners will be in foreclosure by the last quarter of 2021.

Don’t wait until things get worse, you can save yourself months of stress. Selling your house to us allows you to take advantage of the home equity and saves your credit. 

with a pinch of patience and cash in your hands, later when the market colds down, you can buy another property at a better price.

If You Are Selling Your House In Portland.

Better Off Home Buyers buy properties as-is and we pay cash for them. We can close the purchase of a house in 7 days. If you need to sell your Portland home quickly or have any questions call us at (503) 212-9641 to begin the process of selling your home in Portland.

Also, We can help you in case you are facing a foreclosure, or if you are behind in loan payments. We buy all kinds of property in Portland.

Regardless of the condition of your home, we can still make a reasonable offer for it. Better Off Home Buyers have enough money to buy properties immediately. 

Other home buying companies cannot say the same.

Other homebuyers work with investor’s money. Their buying transactions are subject to approval. We are our boss, so we can assure our clients that we can close a deal in 7 days or less.

We have had some purchases where we have closed, just in two days.

Remember, the service we provide to the Portland and Oregon’s community is transparent, easy, and efficient.

At Better Off Homebuyers we wish you to keep, we can avoid the coronavirus spreading, following the CDC directions. Also, we hope every one of us can good through these difficult times without big consequences. 

During the COVID-19 time, we are using technology, such as video calls, video conferences, and virtual visits to properties. implementing the technology use we have helped our clients more efficiently.

We are glad we have continued to offering the same excellent service to homeowners who want to sell their homes. Contact us to receive more information.


Hi, I'm Scott Dalinger a real estate investor in Portland, Oregon. I focus on helping homeowners and rental property owners out of negative situations by offering cash for their property. I research and write about real estate on my business website.

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