How Long Does it Take to Sell a House in Portland, Oregon?

If you’re planning to sell your Portland, Oregon house, you may be wondering how long it will take. Like many sellers, you’re probably eager to sell so you can move on with the next chapter of your life. Maybe you got a new job in a different city, or perhaps you’re going through a divorce or another life-changing situation. Regardless, you need to sell fast, and you can only hope that the real estate market will act in your favor.

You’re right to ask these types of questions, and at Better Off House Buyers, we want you to be informed. Let’s talk about how long it might take for you to sell your home in Portland, OR.

The Real Estate Market in Portland Tends to be Seasonal

We’d love to tell you that there’s never a bad time to list your house in Portland, but that simply isn’t the case. The real estate market is very seasonal here. That means that the length of time it takes to sell a house really depends on the time of year.

In Portland, the spring housing market results in the fastest sales. We consider this to be the time between March and May. You can also find more houses for sale during June and July, although this is the time when prices usually increase. August and September tend to be slower, but more people do start buying again leading up to November. Finally, December and January tend to be the hardest months to sell your home. These two months see the longest listing times.

Can Real Estate Agents Sell Homes Faster?

It really depends on the agent. Some real estate agents are very aggressive about selling homes. They may spend a lot of money on marketing the house, which could result in a faster sale. But that isn’t always the case. Most agents find that they are also at the mercy of Portland’s seasonal selling period. It’s really quite hard to escape it.

If you do decide to work with a real estate agent, you may find that some of these costs end up coming out of your own pocket eventually. You’ll also have to pay their commissions, which is another added expense with no real promise that the home will sell quickly.

What are the Best Ways to Sell a House Fast in Portland?

There are many things you can do in order to help your home sell more quickly. If your plan is to work with a real estate agent, you should do all of the following:

·  Take care of any repairs that might be needed before you even list your home. This goes for both major and minor fixes, including any electrical, foundation or roof work, as well as replacing any outlets that don’t work.

·  Take the time to do some serious deep cleaning. A dirty home is likely to turn off any prospective buyers.

·  Declutter your space. You want prospective home buyers to see themselves living in your home.

·  Check the curb appeal. Prospective buyers are likely to form opinions on your home from the moment they pull up in their cars. You want to make sure it looks great.

Getting a house ready for sale takes a lot of work; especially when you work with an agent. That’s why a lot of homeowners consider working with an investment company that buys houses instead.

What to Expect When Selling Your Portland Home to an Investor

When you choose to sell your home to an investor, you’ll experience something completely different. For instance:

·  You won’t need to worry about whether or not your home is in good repair. Investors expect to take care of those repairs themselves, which will save you money and time.

·  You won’t have to make sure the house is completely clean before showing investors your property. They’re not concerned about whether or not it’s clean because they’re looking at the bigger picture – what the house will look like once they’ve done the work.

·  Decluttering will be completely unnecessary for the same reasons.

·  You won’t need to trim any bushes, plant any grass or repair your driveway. Investors aren’t concerned about curb appeal at all.

Best of all, if you want to sell your house as quickly as possible, an investor is your best bet. Not only that, but they’ll also pay you in cash. You could close in as little as seven days, but your closing will be based on a time and day that you choose.

Better Off House Buyers Can Help You Sell Quickly

Some sellers have all the time in the world to sell their homes, but that isn’t always the case for everyone. At Better Off House Buyers, we understand your need to sell quickly and get cash in hand as soon as possible.

You’ll find that our process is a very easy one. You’ll contact us to let us know you’d like us to consider buying your house. We’ll ask you some questions and then set a date to see it in person. Don’t worry because we’ll make sure we supply our own gloves and masks when we come.

Once we’ve taken a look around, we’ll make a decision on whether or not to send you an offer. You’ll receive a written offer, which you have no obligation to accept. If you do accept it, we’ll set a closing date that works well for you.

It really is that simple, and it’s why so many people who need to sell their home quickly choose to do so to an investor. We’ve worked hard to streamline the process and make it as easy as possible for you as the seller.Do you own a house that you’d like to sell fast? We can help. Please contact us today.


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