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Still today we are on a budget to cover the house purchases in the first half of 2020. So far we have covered the needs of dozens of Portland homeowners eager to sell their homes.

We want to hear from homeowners like you and be able to include you in the budget before it gets closed for accounting purposes. Do not miss the opportunity to receive an offer almost immediately for your property.

At Better Off Home Buyers we present a fair offer for your property in approximately 24 hours. We have been recognized by other professional home buyers as the most credible and most accurate company in terms of the purchasing value we offer for a property in the city of Portland.

Are You Thinking of Selling Your Home Here in Our Beautiful City of Portland? Now It Could Be Overwhelming.

The Coronavirus pandemic we are facing now does not help at all. We’ve seen its effects in all industries as well as in the real estate market. The real estate market trends had undergone drastic changes.

 We have seen how the Covid-19 has influenced the interest rate changes for mortgage loans. Today the interest is really low. Banks and lenders are more demanding in order to qualify loan prospects. 

Today lenders are asking for more money for down payments. They require more guarantees that debtors will be to keep their jobs and income. At this moment, over 30 million Americans have applied for unemployment benefits.

Most mortgage loan applicants do not qualify due to the requirements of banks and lenders. Many people who were planning to sell their homes in Portland earlier in the year have seen the number of buyers decreased. 

People are afraid to move and they are in their right to feel that way, with this health problem that we have (Our hearts and prayers are with admiration and respect with all those who are fighting in the front line against the virus, and with those who have been badly affected as well)

Some companies specialized in the sale and purchase of houses closed their activities,

But despite all that you can still find options to sell your house. As a homeowner, you still have the opportunity to request a loan to remodel your house and sell it before the government along with private banks, intervene and suspend mortgage payments.

What Option Is Best For You? How Do You Navigate All this? We, Will, Help You Make That Decision.

Although statistics, market trends, everything that is happening in Portland with the coronavirus and the decisions taken by the government on social distance, say the opposite. It is still possible for you to sell your Portland home.

At Better Off Home Buyers we assure you that you can still sell your home. With the intention of minimizing the risk of contagion with Covid-19, you can communicate with us using technology. Through a video call we can talk or if you prefer you can make a video of your property and send it to us.

We are able to make an instant offer or set a personal appointment to see your house, taking all measures to protect your health and ours.

We understand that you have many questions to ask us about our process to buy your home.

If This Sounds Like You, We Encourage You To Contact Us.

  • Are you worried about your house price to sell it quickly?
  • Are you concerned about repairs from the home inspection?
  • Do you want to know what you need to do to get your home ready for today’s buyer?
  • Are you curious about what price your home would have to have for it to sell fast in the real estate market?
  • Curious to know where the Portland real estate market is headed right now?
  • Are you undecided between paying the mortgage payment or selling your home during the Covid-19 pandemic

We want to insist that to avoid risks of contagion and comply with the regulations of the Portland and State authorities, we can communicate with you through a video call, or by sky or zoom systems.

We have been in the home buying business for years and have helped hundreds of homeowners in need to sell their homes. We can show you without obligation the difference of selling your house through a real estate agent or by yourself versus selling it to an investor like us.

Let us give you a few tips on getting around problems during the preparation and process of selling your home on the traditional market, which could save you thousands of dollars.

You know that the price of a house depends on many factors such as:

– The physical state of the property.

– The trend of the real estate market

– Motivated buyers

– The amount of time your home is on the MLS list

– The neighborhood, access to schools, shopping centers, highways.

Legal situation of the property.

– Personal situation of the owners.

We at Better Off Home Buyers have a policy of first to create a personal relationship with our clients, then a business relationship. We are a family business aware of the different situations that appear in the life of each individual.

Our family’s business is to invest in properties, but we are not unaware of the human side and the sensitivity envolved when buying a home.

Our property buying process is very simple, after contacting you and knowing the house you want to sell us, we can make you an offer immediately, or based on the Better Off Home Buyers purchase criteria, we will send you a writing offer in less than 24 hours.

After our clients accept the offer, our team immediately begins with all the necessary procedures and paperwork for the purchase of your home.

Sometimes we have had everything ready in a period of 7 days, so homeowners receive the money for the sale quickly.

We Have Been Asked Why We Closed The Purchase Of A House So Fast.

The answer is simple, Better Off Home Buyers have enough money to buy properties in Portland, the entire state of Oregon, and where people need our help.

Because we have the cash on hand, we don’t need to apply for bank loans or to carry all the expenses people have when they borrow money from a credit institution.

We don’t deal with intermediaries such as real estate agents, appraisal experts, notary services, and all the expenses associated with the sale and purchase of properties. compare

The Better Off Home Buyers team has all the knowledge and experience in all aspects of the purchase of houses.

You don’t have to make repairs to your home or spend hundreds of dollars on cleaning, maintenance, and everything you need to make your home attractive to buyers.

You don’t want strangers visiting your home and putting your health at risk.

We Better Off Home Buyers are the leading home buying company in the city of Portland and we have extended our service throughout the country.

Fill out the form below in this page or call us at (503) 212-9641, we want to hear from you, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, even if your questions are not about real estate transactions, we will gladly assist you.

Please stay safe and healthy, take care of your health, your loved ones, and the entire community. Thank you


Hi, I'm Scott Dalinger a real estate investor in Portland, Oregon. I focus on helping homeowners and rental property owners out of negative situations by offering cash for their property. I research and write about real estate on my business website.

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