Selling ​​Your House In Portland Oregon, Reopening and Coronavirus

At Better Off Home Buyers we are happy that despite the Coronavirus epidemic we are able to continue helping homeowners to sell their homes.

Many homeowners who had put their properties up for sale through the Portland real estate market. Are frustrated because with the current coronavirus crisis there are no motivated buyers. Banks and lenders are not approving loan applicants easily for fear and uncertainty in the months to come.

Other homeowners who needed to sell their properties simply were turned down by real estate agents, because the houses for sale either needed repairs or the homeowners were behind on their mortgage payments.

Today the Portland real estate market is down, as is the real estate market across the country. Currently, there are no buyers who can qualify easily.

During these four months of 2020 at Better Off Home Buyers, we have been able to continue working and fulfilling our mission of helping homeowners who need to sell their properties in a short time. 

Here we present some solutions to selling a house during the Oregon reopening in the Covid-19 crisis

The Solution To Sell Your House Right Now

The news of reopening has been received with great enthusiasm in Portland as well as across the State, people are eager to get out of quarantine to return to “normal” life.

The solution to selling your house quickly and safely is just contacting a professional home buyer like Better Off Home Buyers.

An investor like us has all the necessary tools to make selling your home as a safe, fast, and pleasant experience. You will get paid in cash for your property in a short time. 

You could solve right now that problem associated with your house that is taking away your peace of mind.

If you need to sell your house. But your property needs minor or major repairs, it was abandoned, is inhabited, you have bad tenants, or you have a personal problem that is beyond your control. 

Better Off Home Buyers will buy your house!. 

Who Wants To Sell Their Houses To Us?

During the time Better Off Home Buyer has been in the buying homes business in Portland. We had helped countless homeowners who needed to sell their properties for different reasons.

Below we list some of the reasons why people have contacted us to sell their properties to us.

  • Our Excellent Reputation: Clarity and honesty, no harassment, no pressure.
  • Fair Prices: Our goal is for you to receive what is fair for the value of your house.
  • We buy your property as it is.
  • We understand your personal situation
  • Homeowners behind on mortgage payments.
  • Immediate need for cash.
  • Problems caused by bad tenants.
  • Relocation
  • Job loss.
  • We close deals quickly, 7 days in many cases
  • Legal problems, facing a Foreclosure.

The above is only part of the reasons why homeowners in Portland, Oregon counties, and other states in the United States contact us.

Some people have called us because they had an inherited property they won’t keep and they needed to sell it fast to divide the money between the heirs.

During the time that Covid-19 has been declared a pandemic, we have continued helping people who need to sell their home.

At the end of April 2020, a client called us because he owned an uninhabited property that was deteriorating. This person was unsure if Better Off Home Buyers could help him in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The service we gave him was excellent, using technology we had two live conferences through the internet. Then we visited his house personally taking all the provisions recommended by the city of Portland and the health authorities. After closing the deal in less than 10 days, our client was completely satisfied.

An Optimistic View On The Future

With everyone’s cooperation, united we will get ahead. We will resume our activities and return to our normal life, or even to a better one than the one we had before Coronavirus.

Covid-19 has hit Portland, across Oregon, and across the country. Oregonians have been lucky because the pandemic has not been as rampant here as it is in other states.

At Better Off Home Buyers we know that many homeowners who in early 2020 needed to sell their properties. They did not find the right people who helped them to get rid of their property problems.

Facing a divorce, or a serious illness, as well as facing the new problems that the novel Coronavirus has brought us. throws many people into an awful situation. 

Thinking on that, Better Off Home Buyers is reaching out its hand to pull you out from the darkness where the circumstances have put you in today.

Contact us by filling out the form below or call us directly at (503) 212-9641. 

We want to help you.

When we get in contact we will have a conversation where we will ask you questions about your property, and the best way Better Off Home Buyers can help you.

We will set up an appointment to visit your house in person and it is possible that we will present a written offer to you on-site. Or we will send you the writing offer in less than 24 hours.

If you accept our offer, we will initiate the process to purchase your house right away. We will pay you in cash in a really short time. 7 days in many cases.

Selling your house to us will save you the time that it takes a real estate agent to sell your property. 

A real estate agent house sale deal takes from three to six months as a minimum.  Sometimes depending on the case, the whole process can take a year or more for them. 

Closing costs with a real estate agent are more than 8% paid by the seller. With Better Off Home Buyers you pay zero. Compare

Real estate agents prefer that the house you want to sell does meet the requirements they demand, such as Perfect construction, impeccable cleanliness, nice outside appeal, And the chance for them to have a good profit on the sale. If these requirements are missing their expectations, they will reject your business.

Better Off Home Buyer buys your house as it is in Portland or anywhere in the United States, no rush, no pressure, and on your own time. Remember we buy houses in cash. There is not anyone in the professional buying home business that can match us.

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