Selling My Portland House, Reasons, Conditions, and My possibilities.

There are dozens of reasons why a homeowner made a decision to sell his house, among them we can mention:

  • Retiring after a life of hard work and dedication to the family. Now with children already grown and living their own lives far away from home. Our old home has become large and quiet. The time to sell it and move to a smaller place has come.
  • A second house as an investment that would generate additional income, over time it became a burden. The misuse of the house by tenants and high repair costs could force you to sell it.
  • An inherited property that is in need of repairs and is causing problems between family members. It is also a factor in deciding to sell the house.
  • Relocating for work or other needs in many cases makes it necessary for homeowners to make the decision to sell.
  • Foreclosure. A decrease or loss of income directly affects the fulfillment of credit obligations. Under the law and under the terms of a mortgage loan agreement, a debtor can face foreclosure after being behind on loan payments for a few months.

Regardless of reasons, at one point in life, a homeowner decides to sell their home. Embarking on the sales process requires expenses, time, and stress in many cases, especially for those who need to sell their homes fast.

What Happens In Our Everyday Life Directly Influences On How Fast Or Slow A House Is Sold In Portland.

We all know that everyday events affect us directly. We are now going through historic moments of dramatic changes.

We are suffering the consequences of the Coronavirus. Because of the pandemic, the Portland real estate market has come down considerably this year. Selling a property under the current conditions is truly challenging.

At Better Off Home Buyers we are helping many clients who need to sell their houses. Some of those who contacted us were skeptical about the results they might get. But experience proved otherwise.

If you own a house that is in poor condition, don’t worry, we can buy it. We will visit it, after an inspection, we can present a writing offer to you on-site. Please check our process.

Regardless of your distress house, we could agree with the homeowner about the money he wants for his property. On the other hand, if the structure is really useless, we can agree on a price for the land of the property.

Better Off Home Buyers, Buy Houses As-Is. Any Property Deserves To Be Sold.

Once a client called us because he wanted to sell an inherited property. The property was his Grandfather’s legacy, it was a two-building apartment complex. 

Our client had two more siblings, and none of the three was interested in keeping the property, because it was in poor condition.

The buildings needed a lot of repairs, it was necessary to replace the roof, as well as to repair the units, replace some appliances, doors, windows, carpets and the yard area did not exist. Also, it was necessary to redo the bathrooms in 7 of the apartments.

None of the heirs had the money available to make the arrangements. Nevertheless, they were not interested in applying for a loan to cover expenses, nor did they want to take over the property because they were engaged in professions that had nothing to do with the real estate industry.

After the initial contact we were in talks for over 3 weeks, at the end of that time we reached an agreement and bought the apartments Complex from them. The documentation lasted 4 days and before 30 days of negotiations from the first contact, our clients received a check for their property.

Even during the pandemic Covid-19 at Better Off Home Buyers, we continue serving anyone who needs to sell their property. 

Selling Your Home Doesn’t Have To Be A Frustrating And Delayed Activity.

Selling your house does not have to be something that takes away your tranquility or increases anxiety in a situation that already has it. 

The ideal in selling a home is to get the highest price on the market or at least a fair value that can satisfy the reason for the sale.

Better Off Home Buyers listens to the needs and the reasons why people sell their houses, we are a family business dedicated to investing in the real estate industry. For this reason, we do our best to make each negotiation a good experience for both parties.

In a traditional sale, selling property represents 10% of expenses for the homeowner, plus the money that represents the time the property is on the MLS list. Such expenses are the mortgage, property taxes, and the normal maintenance of the house. 

Clicking on this link, the reader can compare.

The anxiety of waiting for offers to appear in a real estate market sale is overwhelming.  Because of Coronavirus, nobody wants to receive strangers at home. Potential buyers do not want to have contact with other people either.

The anxiety and anguish that the action of selling your house throughout the traditional home sale can be avoided if you contact an investor like Better Off Home Buyers.

In a 7 days period clients could have in their hands the money for the sale of the property.

Our Process is easy, transparent and fast.

Can I Receive Top Price If I Sell My Portland Home To An Investor like Better Off Home Buyers?

As we have said before and in other publications as well. The commercial value of a property depends on many factors. Better Off Home Buyers takes into account all the variables to present a fair offer to the selling property owner. 

When a person communicates with us, He or She receives excellent service from our company executives. We are a home buying firm. We aren’t a referral office for real estate agents like bigger companies’ names in the real estate industry in Portland.

During our visit to your house, we appraise the property, then we will present you with a written offer on-site.  If you want we can sit down with you to discuss the offer terms and answer questions you may have. As with any business institution, we have a budget, parameters, and criteria on which our offers are based. 

Our clients are free of obligations and commitments to us, so, they can take the time they deem appropriate to respond to our offer. 

To answer the question in this section, it is “YES”. Better Off Home Buyers will pay you for your home the best price based on all the variables that are part of the appraisal of a property. 

If My Property Needs Major Repairs, Would You Buy It?

The repairs that a house needs to be inhabited are one of the variables that influence its price. Better Off Home Buyers buy houses “As Is”. If a house structure is in the worst conditions and does not represent any value, we offer to pay what the land is worth.

In the business of being professional home buyers, everything has an influence on the value we offer to pay for a property. If a house needs major repairs, there is always a chance that we will make a fair offer to buy it.

In conclusion, Better Off Home Buyers buys homes, multi-family buildings, and land in Portland, throughout the state of Oregon, and in other states in the country.

We know that there are many reasons why a homeowner decides to sell his home. Everyday events affect our daily life and decisions we must take.

Our home buy process is fast, fair and equitable, we are able to fairly appraise your property, present you a written offer, after you take the time needed if you accept our offer. We start all that is necessary to close the sale in the shortest possible time.

On many occasions we have closed the purchase of a property in 2 days.

We buy properties in whatever condition, We understand that besides the commercial value, your house has a sentimental value for you. For these reasons, we do our best to ensure that our offer is fair and a win-win transaction. 

You don’t have to wait months to sell your house, Better Off Home Buyers buys it fast.

You will have cash in your hands for up to 7 days. Fill out the form on this page or Contact us directly at (503)212-9641


Hi, I'm Scott Dalinger a real estate investor in Portland, Oregon. I focus on helping homeowners and rental property owners out of negative situations by offering cash for their property. I research and write about real estate on my business website.

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