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Updated on 10/31/2020.

We are Better Off Home Buyers, a family-owned company based in Lake Oswego Portland. We have many years of experience helping people to solve their selling house problems. Our goal is to be an alternative to homeowners who need to sell their homes quickly.

In the real estate industry, there are several ways a homeowner can sell his home, condo, multi-family unit, or just a vacant lot. The most traditional way is hiring a real estate agent. Another option is “selling by owner.” and the most effective, fastest, and safe is Selling your house to an investor like Better Off Home Buyers.

We are a professional home buying company that buys homes continuously. In all the transactions we carry out, we do everything possible so that the parties involved in it benefit equally.

Type Of House We Buy Every Day.

Every day we receive several phone calls and emails from people who need to sell their homes. As we have said before, people have different reasons for selling their houses. 

The properties we buy are different in size, shape, type, and owners come from different backgrounds many of them are going through economic and emotional distress. As follow, we will enumerate the most common types of properties clients offer to us:

  • Properties in foreclosure. This reason was one of the most frequent people used to contact us before the COVID-19 pandemic breakout.
  • Divorce. Sadly, divorce is a deeply ingrained evil in our society. This reason is probably the third reason our office phone rings frequently.
  • Homes without equity. This happens when the debt is greater than the commercial value of a property. Many factors may influence a house price, pour maintenance, fire or natural disasters, location, etc.
  • Relocating.  People may want to move because of a new job or a lost job, personal interest, and so on. The second and now the third quarter of 2020 more people are working from home, many of them have found out they can keep earning and live in a quiet and less expensive place. Big cities in the country are experiencing an emigration phenomenon as a COVID-19 consequence. 
  • A house received by Inheritance. A property inherited most of the time needs a lot of repairs or causes family conflicts. We have had clients who have inherited properties, but they did not have the time or money to take over the home. Other times all the heirs do not agree on the care of the inherited property and decide to sell it.
  • Abandoned houses. An abandoned house is a vacant property due to foreclosure, bankruptcy, and financial or legal reasons. Since most homes are abandoned due to financial reasons, they are typically run down and need a big renovating.
  • Uninhabitable Houses. A house is uninhabitable due to serious structural damage, which constitutes a hazard to people. Courts can classify as uninhabitable a property that is interfering in the development of projects that improve the lives of the city inhabitants.
  • Unemployment. Job loss is causing headaches to the Portland citizens and across the US. Tenants unable to pay their rent are protected by the moratorium eviction rules in Oregon. However, small landlords could face losing their rental properties because of loss of income.
  • Owners Who Need Cash immediately. Some owners have contacted us to sell their properties because an unforeseen accident, illness, or legal problem forces them to sell their houses immediately. 
  • Forbearance extension programs. Even though the federal government issued the CARES Act, intending to mitigate the Pandemic impact on the economy. Not all forbearance mortgage homeowners will be able to pay back when it ends. Experts predict thousand or foreclosures by the second half of 2021. 

Daily, people tell us over the phone that they already were behind on mortgage payments before the coronavirus outbreak, and today the problem has worsened. 

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for the pandemic. The vaccine is not yet available, and the country’s authorities suggest that a second shut down will be imminent.

Clients say they believe that if the crisis continues, there will be a collapse in the mortgage market, therefore, they prefer to sell now that prices are still high, readjust their budgets quickly, and be able to start again building their dreams when conditions improve.

The Case of The Property Mortgaged Due to Illness.

This case, although sad, is worth commenting on because it is something that many people may face. About two months ago, a person emailed us asking for our home buying criteria.

We contacted him back, and during our phone conversation, the client told us about the terrible drama he was going through. His wife and mother of his two young children became ill a year ago. At that time, our client whom we will call Richard, a graphic designer, worked for an architecture firm as an assistant project manager.

At work, Richard acquired a health insurance plan based on the information given by his employer. The family insurance policy that cost him about 28% of his paycheck partially covered medical routine expenses such as children’s doctor visits, full health check out every six months, and some other basic expenses. They never had to use it for a serious illness.

Richard told us, his wife suddenly started having severe stomach pains. She went to the doctor, and they found nothing serious about her. She was prescribed medicine for stomach pain, which she reacted well for three weeks, then the pain came back stronger.

After multiple visits to the medical group which the policy directed them, the diagnosis remained the same. 

Ma’am, you have nothing, so continue taking the pain pills.” She was told at every visit.

Richard’s wife’s health did not improve, on the contrary, she lost weight, and her face turned grayish color. One morning, she could not bear the pain and faint. Immediately, she was taken to the emergency room of the nearest hospital. After many examinations and two days of observation, she was diagnosed with stomach cancer, unfortunately in an advanced state.

Richard contacted his health care provider to inquire about his policy coverage, finding that the health program did not cover anything that was an emergency or critical illness expenses.

His wife started a chemotherapy treatment, which took away the savings they had accumulated. Fortunately for them, the two side family members have helped them with money, food, and care for the children.

Richard has received great support from his employer. He is allowed to be absent from work when it is necessary. The treatment bills continue to grow and his wife still needs more medical attention. They have decided to sell the house and take advantage of the capital they have earned to pay for medical services.

Immediately, we at Better Off Home Buyers got down to work, and in a few days, we presented Richard with a written proposal. 

A week and a half after the proposal, we closed the sale and gave him the check for the purchase of his home. While the family relocates to Richard’s wife’s parents, we offered them to live in the property for 30 days. We just charge him 30 dollars for that month’s rent.

More than 2 months have passed, and we have not heard anything about Richard’s wife’s condition. We pray for her health and hope she will recover soon, and the family can live with great peace of mind.

Do you need a quick solution? Better Off Home Buyers Is the Answer.

The Coronavirus epidemic has not been an impediment for us to continue offering excellent service to our customers and meet the needs of the people who request us.

We follow the CDC and the authority’s recommendations to stay safe.

All of us face problems every day, but each problem comes with its solution. 

We want to be the solution to your need of selling your house.

Please, fill out the form on this page, or dial directly (503) 212-9641.

Our buying Process

  • We will contact you right after we had received your personal information.
  • We will set an appointment to visit your property, either in person or virtually.
  • If your house meets our purchase criteria, we will make you a writing offer on-site.
  • You are free to accept our proposal, no pressure, no harassment, ho hassle.
  • Once you have accepted our proposal, we will begin the procedures to buy your house.
  • After completing the buy-sale paperwork, we will pay the total agreed value.

We can close a house purchase just in 7 days, other times in 2 days, but it all depends on the process itself.

Advantages of Selling Your Home to Better Off Home Buyers

The difference between hiring a real estate agent in Portland or contacting Better Off Home Buyers to sell your house is that we are in the buying houses business. Real estate agents demand a lot from you to sell your property. We Better Off Home Buyers buy your house AS-IS.

The sale of your house through the regular market is subject to different conditions, payment of commissions, repairs, decoration, closing costs, and so on. You need to receive strangers in your house, taking the risk of contagiousness.

You got to be prepared to spend money and time to sell your house through the traditional real estate market. 

House Buying Company in Portland

On our website, we have a table that explains in detail the difference when you sell your Portland house to a Real Estate Agent or an investor such as Better Off Home Buyers

Click on this link, to compare. 

When It Is Recommended To Sell ​​Your Home?

The need of selling a house isn’t obeying to a specific time. But in Portland, the spring and winter seasons are the most dynamic. Chances of sale are higher than in the other months of the year because there are more motivated buyers.

But if a homeowner needs to sell his property immediately, he cannot wait for the best moment to arrive. When circumstances are demanding a home to be sold, it is necessary to take quick action.

The Better Off Home Buyers’ Job is to buy homes in Portland, Oregon, and nationwide, 24-hour a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Our phone number (503) 212-9641 is available all the time. If you need to sell your home, don’t wait for market conditions to be favorable.  Contact us! We buy houses at all times.

Question And Answers.

 Here are some of the most common questions customers ask.

Question: Does Selling My House To You Will Affect My Credit Score?


What affects a credit report is late payments and not payments at all. 

By selling your home to Better Off Home Buyers, you have the opportunity to rebuild your budget and begin your improving credit score process. A credit report that shows late payments is not as detrimental as a report showing a Foreclosure.

Question: Does Better Off Home Buyers Pays A Property Real Value, Or Less?


Many factors influence the price of a house, such as the size, the physical and structural conditions, the location, and the parameters of the market, among others. 

We understand the emotional value that is associated with a home. We present a written offer to our clients, having into account everything, including people’s feelings. 

We are pro-win-win estimated.

Question: When Do I Receive Cash If I Sell My House To Better Off Home Buyers?


Typically, 7 days. Some home purchase transaction takes less, others take a bit longer

In many cases in Portland, we have paid for properties in a short time, as much as in 7 days. 

When you sell your property through a real estate agent, on average, you will receive your check-in between 120 to 180 days.

Question: My House Needs A Lot Of Repairs, Does Better Off Home Buyer Buy It?


Part of our motto is, “We buy houses as-is.” We have a purchase criterion. Base on it, we configure a proposal and do the best effort to satisfy our clients in Portland. 

Question: What Would Be My Best Option If I Need To Sell My Portland OR Home?


If you need to sell your house quickly, compare the means, the effectiveness, and the time that the real estate market would take to sell it. Selling a house through the market takes  120 days under normal conditions. Currently, because of the coronavirus, the time is way longer.

Hiring an investor is undoubtedly the best option when a homeowner needs to sell quickly, investors do not depend on bank loans, nor do we have to wait for buyers, plus, all the legal process is done by our professional team. If you need to sell your home fast, the solution is an investor.

Question: Why Better Off Home Buyers?


Because we are a family business, aware of the needs, emotions, and frustrations that a person experiences when they need to sell their house immediately. 

Because Portland is our home, and we want to help the inhabitants of our city, our beautiful state, and our Country. So far in 2020, many events have greatly affected our city of Portland. 

We believe every citizen should do an effort to improve the living conditions of our community.

We do our work with faith, and enthusiasm, as a contribution, so things may return to normal soon. Contact us.

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