We Buy Houses in Portland, Oregon.

Type of houses we purchase every day.

Every day at Better Off Home Buyers, we receive phone calls and emails from people in need of selling their houses in Portland, Oregon. Usually, clients want to sell their properties to us for the following reasons:

  • A Foreclosure or about to be filed.
  • Divorce.
  • Upside down Houses. Properties whose debt is greater than their commercial value.
  • Relocate. People moving out for work.
  • An unwanted inherited house that needs major repairs, or is causing family disagreements.
  • Vacant houses, as a result of bad tenants or because they have been abandoned. 
  • Condemned houses by authorities or because they represent a health hazard. 
  • Job Loss or income reduction due to a business setback or illness.
  • A Homeowner needs cash immediately.
  • COVIDV-19 hardship.

We Buy Your Houses AS-IS in Portland, Oregon.

If you need to sell your Portland home fast, you may not want to wait for things to get better, nor you don’t need to worry about,

  • Small or major home repairs.
  • Clean up everything or throw away debris.
  • Lighting up your home interior.
  • Painting inside and outside your house.
  • Roof repairing.
  • Curve appeal.

In simple words, Better Off Home Buyers buys your house AS-IS. Our company buys homes in the Portland area, Oregon, and other states across the country.

The term AS-IS is not exclusive to the house’s physical appearance. A property could be in magnificent shape, but unseen circumstances may cause big headaches to its owners.

Homeowners in Portland may be:

Homeowners list their homes for sale as-is when they don’t want or can afford repairs. This means that there are no guarantees from the seller that everything’s in working condition. If you buy an “as-is” home and later find major problems, you’re responsible for repairs.

“As-is” sellers still need to meet federal and state minimum disclosure standards, which include disclosing things like lead paint or asbestos.

“As-is” doesn’t always mean broken beyond repair. There are many reasons why a 

seller might list a home as-is even with minor or no issues. The seller may be in debt and not have the money to pay for repairs. The seller might not have time to wait for contractors to finish a major job. There are also plenty of non-repair-related reasons why a seller might list a home as-is.

Better Off Home Buyers buys properties as-is. We buy properties with tenants or vacant ones, homes In any condition. After we see your house, we will present you with a win-win offer we can close in up to 7 days.

We Buy Tenant-Occupied Homes.

Tenants and landlords have rights and responsibilities. It is important to know the tenant-landlord city, county, and state laws. Many times eviction processes are not as fast as a homeowner like them to be, but that is part of the law application. 

The eviction moratorium and federal rules for protecting tenants are putting individual landlords to the brink of foreclosure. If you as a landlord, are going through difficult times, It might be, you are behind on your home payments or are facing foreclosure. We can buy your rental house with tenants, contact us for more information.

The vast majority of experiences we have had with buying a tenants-occupied house are positive. Our company has bought houses inhabited by excellent tenants, to whom we have had the pleasure of assisting in their relocating. Also, we had received invaluable collaboration from them.

The property buying process we have at Better Off Home Buyers is fast, transparent and we pay in cash. When a homeowner who is selling a rental house or is facing foreclosure reaches us. We explain to him that in these cases, the home purchasing process requires more time, but these are the sorts of situations we deal with every day.

So, our team takes all the necessary steps to complete the house purchase. It is necessary to contact the corresponding people or entities who handle the property liens, debt, claims, and everything that may be involved in the purchase transaction. 

To receive a comprehensive explanation of the process of buying a Tenant-occupied property, contact us, or dial at (503) 212-9641.

Selling your rental property before your lender takes legal possession of it is great because your credit history will not be drastically affected. A Foreclosure record stays on your credit history for 7 years, and it negatively affects any required credit transaction. While a record of defaulting for a few months does not affect your credit to a greater extent.

In all cases, losing your main house or your rental property through a foreclosure is a hard experience. Selling your house before a judgment is executed, gives you a lifeline. You can relocate your family and continue working hard. With faith, everything will turn to normal. 

Contact us for more information and we will gladly assist you.

There Are Dozens of Reasons Why Homeowners Are Selling Their Homes.

There are dozens of reasons why a homeowner decides to sell his house among them we can mention:

  • Retirement: After a life working hard and being devoted to the family. Children are grown-ups and living far away from home. Our old house has become too large and too quiet. The time to sell it and move to a smaller place has come.
  • Second house: A rental house as an additional income investment, over time, has become a burden. The misuse of the house by tenants and high repair costs could force you to sell.
  • An inherited property that needs repairs and is causing problems between family members. It is also a factor in deciding to sell.
  • Relocating for work or other needs, in many cases, makes it necessary to sell.
  • Foreclosure. A decrease or loss of income directly affects the fulfillment of obligations. Under a home loan agreement, a debtor can face foreclosure after being behind for a few months.

Regardless of reasons, at one point in life, a homeowner decides to sell their home. Embarking him on a sales process that requires expenses, time and it’s especially stressful for those who need to sell their homes fast.

If My Property Needs Major Repairs, Would You Buy It?

The repairs that a house needs to be inhabited are one of the variables that influence its price. Better Off Home Buyers buy houses “As Is”. Even, If a house structure is in bad shape and does not represent any value, we offer to pay for the land.

In the business of being professional home buyers, everything influences the amount we would offer to pay for a property. If a house needs major repairs, there’s always a chance that we will make a fair offer to buy it.

Better Off Home Buyers buys homes, multi-family buildings, and land in Portland, throughout the state of Oregon, and in other states in the country.

We know, there are many reasons why a homeowner decides to sell his home. Every day, family or local events affect our daily life and the decisions we must take. In Portland, the situation is getting chaotic. Many Portlanders are unhappy and are selling their homes.

Our Better Off Home Buyers home buying process is fast, fair, and equitable, we fairly appraise your property and present you with a written offer. You take the time you need to accept our offer. Then, we go ahead with the paperwork to close in the shortest time possible. On many occasions, we close in 2 days.

We buy properties in any condition, We understand that besides the commercial value, your house has a sentimental value for you. For these reasons, we do our best to make a win-win offer. 

Selling Your Portland Property Through a Real Estate Agent.

Hiring a real estate agent to sell your home is the most traditional option. This although popular, is not the only option, nor the most effective when it comes to seeking quick results.

A real estate agent is a highly trained person in all aspects of buying-selling properties. In Portland, they must have a valid license issued by the Oregon Real Estate Agency.

A real estate agent guides you through a home selling process like this:

  • They visit your home before signing an exclusive listing agreement. 
  • You hire an appraisal to determine the sale value of your property comparing your neighborhood market – “Comparative Value”.
  • To fill forms and the documentation required to register your property on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) lists.
  • Your real estate agent will do the necessary marketing to show your house using social media platforms, and the publicity means to attract potential buyers.
  • Then, wait for potential buyers to show up and coordinate appointments to visit your property. Today with the coronavirus epidemic, it is important that precautions are taken to protect everybody’s health.
  • You should receive a written offer for your house. After you accept it, the real estate agents initiate the closing process. 
  • You will receive the money for the sale of your house. 
  • You will pay Not less than 8% of the sale value, between commissions and closing costs.

In broad strokes, these are the steps for selling a house in the traditional real estate process. You must wait between 90 to 180 days to close the sale of your property. There have been cases where the whole experience of a real estate agent is not enough, and the properties were withdrawn from the market or were sold up to 25% less than the original price listed.

Selling a Probate Property In Portland.

Probate is the legal process that takes place after someone dies. It makes sure property and possessions are given to the correct people. Any taxes or debts owed are paid in full to comply with probate. If there’s a written will, the court makes sure that it is signed, correctly witnessed, and valid. and then the court ensures that the directions in the will are carried out.

An Executor or Administrator is the person who has the authority to list and sell the property. The property sale cannot proceed until that person has been identified.

The administrator could contact a real estate agent in assisting him in selling the house or could opt to talk to a professional house buyer who can pay in cash for the property immediately.

Better Off Home Buyers has a lot of experience buying probate properties in Portland. Our team is well knowledged in all aspects of real estate and probate properties procedures.

In many cases, a person is notified of being a recipient heir of an inherited house that is located in another city or state far away from his actual residence. The Distance, the time, and money could be a problem to take care of a probate house. Selling the property fast is likely the best move in cases like these.

Looking For An Immediate solution? Better Off Home Buyers Is The Answer.

The Coronavirus epidemic is not an impediment for us to continue providing an excellent service to our clients. We are helping our customers during this unfortunate time.

We follow the authority’s recommendations to preserve our community health.

We begin the process to buy your house when you fill out the form on this page or call the number (503) 212-9641. 

Once we receive your information. In less than 24 hours one of our associates will contact you. Then we will set an appointment to visit your property. 

House Buying Company in Portland

We will send you a written offer if your house meets our purchase criteria.

Accepting our offer is entirely yours. There is no pressure or harassment.

Once you have accepted our proposal. We will begin the steps to buy your home.

Once the purchase procedures are completed, we will pay the agreed amount in cash.

Sometimes closing takes 7 days, but that just depends on the process itself.

Contact us. Fill the form on this page or dial (503) 212-9641.

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