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Despite the pandemic, Better Off Home Buyers has continued buying properties in 2020. That is our contribution to help homeowners in need of selling their homes.

During the COVID-19 time, we are using remote technology to avoid the virus from spreading. Or we physically will visit your home taking all the precautions to protect your health and ours as well. Having minimum contact and implementing the social distancing regulations, it does not impede us to provide an excellent service to our clients.

The pandemic has changed our lifestyle. We find out we can work from home and the children can attend school from a computer. The health problems, the economic crisis, and living in quarantine have shown us that we are vulnerable but at the same time, that we have a great capacity to adapt to life changes.

For many homeowners, the economic crisis has been too much. They have been forced to ask their banks for a forbearance plan as it is recommended by the CARES Act.

Selling Your Mortgage Forbearance House.

Some homeowners have contacted us, reporting that at the end of their forbearance plan they had requested an additional 180 days extension of forbearance, as the CARES Act states but were rejected by their lenders. The Lenders did not provide a clear explanation for their negative of extending the forbearance time. They just said that those homeowners don’t qualify for any service, and the only option they have is to pay the missing months in full.

Unfortunately, there are no regulations on the banks’ actions. Technically, they can apply their judgment to a specific borrower’s situation. In other words, they apply different procedures to the same situation.

As a result of the bank’s uneven ways to handle borrowers’ situations, many homeowners find themselves in a difficult position. The fact of suddenly being behind on mortgage payments and not having the ability to pay the missing months causes emotional distress, and some people have decided to give up on their properties by going into foreclosure.

Foreclosure is not the right way to handle a property-related problem. The foreclosure down-domino effect hurts future opportunities to do business and personal activities.

In the above scenario, selling the house is the smartest decision. Emotions and beautiful memories are indeed attached to a home, but when an unexpected situation like the COVID-19 hardship hits life, one must do whatever is needed to protect the family. For this situation, selling the house will give the homeowner the chance to save his credit history from a negative report that would close the door to future financial transactions.

Selling your house to Better Off Home Buyers is a quick, easy and transparent win-win transaction. You can contact us by filling the form on this page or by dialing directly (503) 212-9641.

We will respond to your first contact in less than 24 hours. Then, we will set an appointment to visit your house. Visiting your house takes 30 minutes approximately. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, some people feel safer contacting us via Sky, Zoom, or facetime, we are okay with that communication means too.

We will present you with a written offer for your house after we visited it. If you accept our proposal, we start the sell-purchase documentation immediately. In about two weeks, you will have a check representing your house value.

Typically, a home purchasing process takes 7 days, but sometimes it takes more or less, all depending on each case.

My Rental House Has a Mortgage Forbearance. Can I Sell It?

Yes, you can. You can sell your rental income property at any time. Even if your house is tenant-occupied and it has a mortgage forbearance. we will buy it.

Dozens of independent landlords had contacted us during the past three months. They have several points in common. 

  • Rental house mortgage forbearance.
  • The extension forbearance application was rejected.
  • Their tenants stopped paying rent.
  • Have partially or lost income.
  • They were misinformed.
  • The eviction moratorium was extended to 12/31/2020
  • Stress, anxiety, fear.

Across Oregon and the nation, cases have been increasing daily. Many homeowners and independent landlords are getting closer to disaster. They fear that when the eviction moratorium gets lifted, it may be too late for them to keep their properties. The ones who contact our offices are looking for a selling option.

We have responded positively to them, we have experience in buying tenant-occupied properties from single-family homes to multiple-family units.

Our team of professionals will guide you in our property purchase processing. We are a family company that has values and knows the importance of working hard to accomplish a goal. In more than one opportunity, circumstances force us to take one step back and reinvent us too. If the crisis is pointing you in a different direction. Take action, get information, explore the possibilities you may have, do something, but do it right away.

Selling your underwater property today is better than facing a foreclosure tomorrow. Contact us immediately. Together we can look for the best way Better Off Home Buyers can help you.

I Have Received a Notice Of Default.

A landlord called to our office in September. She was looking for information about our property purchasing process. We made a presentation to her detailing every step involved in our buying criteria and process.

She said she has a loan on his rental house and the property has been rented to a nice family of 4 since last November. In May, her tenants notified her that they had lost their jobs, and that they had no money to pay their rent, and that they also had no place to go. 

Acting immediately, she contacted her lender to request a forbearance. The lender informed her that her loan was not backed by federal agencies, but that the bank had a program in which they could give her 90 days to recover. 

Long story short. Her tenants remained unemployed, she can’t pay the rental-house mortgage, after the 90 days forbearance, the bank refused to extend the forbearance period. Currently, the property is in the pre-foreclosure process.

The options she has to get out of this situation are, first, lose the house through a foreclosure process, or second, sell the property right away taking advantage of the house equity, and save her credit.

She decided to take the second option. It took only 13 days to close the sell-purchase. She says that she is planning to sell her resident house and move to a small town surrounded by Oregon’s green nature, far away from coronavirus confinement,  riots and protesters. 

The term notice of default refers to a public notice filed with a court that states that the borrower of a mortgage is in default on a loan. The lender may file a notice of default when a mortgagor falls behind on their mortgage payments. Information on notices of default normally includes the borrower and lender’s name and address, the legal address of the property, the nature of the default, as well as other pertinent details. A notice of default is often considered the first step toward foreclosure.” Investopedia.

To stop a foreclosure action, a borrower in default must pay in full the missing monthly payments, penalties, and interests. Many landlords in Portland and across the US are suffering from the coronavirus crisis making it difficult for them to meet their obligations.

If you are in a default situation, take action. If you don’t have the money to cover missing payments and so on. Look for other ways to solve the problem. Maybe you can apply for a small loan to cover the debt or borrow some cash from friends and family members. Who knows. But the bottom line is Action. Do something!

Better Off Home Buyers has a comprehensive buying properties program that you can take advantage of. 

After you contact us. 

  • We will physically or using virtual technology to visit your house.
  • Present you with a writing fair offer.
  • If you accept our offer. We go ahead with the documentation needed.
  • In a short time, most likely 7 days you will receive the money for your property.

When Seller homeowners do business with us, they do not need to spend money and time preparing their homes for sale.

They don’t need to pay real estate agent commissions and closing costs.

The house sale negotiation is transparent, the seller homeowner can discuss the terms of selling his house, and they are free to take the time needed to accept our offer.


Better Off Home Buyers purchase all kinds of houses. Lately, we are experiencing a wave of seller homeowners’ phone calls and emails. Most of these communications come from desperate people who were misinformed about forbearance procedures. Many of them, independent or mom and pop landlords, accuse their banks and lenders of using hidden tactics to take advantage of the pandemic crisis, putting towners at risk of losing their rental properties.

Many landlords report that their tenants have stopped paying rent.

The Oregon government has issued regulations that protect tenants from being evicted during the coronavirus epidemic. Though the intention is to prevent the virus from spreading, landlords with mortgages to be paid, are becoming the victims of this COVID hardship.

Landlords with a reduction or lack of income are exposed to lose their properties, their credit, their hard work, and their dreams. Most of them have manifested their frustration and disappointment, saying that they feel no one is doing nothing to help them.

We are offering to landlords and homeowners in need of selling their properties a win-win offer for their properties. Selling your house to Better Off Home Buyers is an easy, fair, and transparent transaction. Selling your house to us will cost you nothing compared to selling your property through a real estate market.

Please contact us by filling the form on this page or by dialing directly (503) 212-9641.

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