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At Better Off Home Buyers, we’ve been helping our Portland community and all the Oregon family with their selling home needs for many years.  Now, during COVID-19, we can continue working closely with our clients utilizing today’s technology gadgets to comply with the local and health authorities to prevent the coronavirus spreading.

2020 has been an interesting year. Its unexpected events bring emotions similar to the ones you experience when you ride a roller coaster for the first time, but the difference is that they are lasting longer.

Do You Need To Sell Your Home?

If you need to sell your house and it is in the best condition, chances are your property will be sold in a couple of days. In the midst of the coronavirus epidemic, the Portland real estate market is going through an unpredictable boom.

But if your house needs major or minor repairs, or you signed for the forbearance plan, or you are behind on mortgage payments, chances are you need to expend a lot of money before you list your home for sale.

Well, besides the real estate market in Oregon looks just ok for now, by the 2020 third quarter, we will see a wave of houses for sale, many homeowners will be facing foreclosure. Interest rates will rise, which will make new buyers less affordable to buy homes.

The COVID-19 crisis is forcing us to a new lifestyle. We got to get adapted to new routines, work from home, or develop new skills to generate income, share the 24 hours of the day with kids and spouses. Social distancing is one of the most popular terms. Yet, you can’t be as friendly and talkative as before. On the contrary, people run away from you!!

Anyways, through history, we as humans have experienced significant changes, we have had to face pandemics and terrible diseases, and here we are doing our business every day, with coronavirus or without it we got to keep going.

If you need to sell your house soon, you may find some obstacles that could slow you or not even let you start the home selling process right away. Like we stated a few lines above, if you want to sell your home soon, you may need to spend a lot of money to make it attractive to buyers. But always in life when a problem shows up, the solution comes with it.

If you need to sell your home soon, Better Off Home Buyers is your solution. It doesn’t matter your home condition we can buy it. Don’t worry about repairs, cleaning, or maintenance; we will take care of those expenses.

If you have a backed-up mortgage, or it may be that you are behind on mortgage payments or whatever other situation you have today, preventing you from continuing living in your home.  Our company, Better Off Home Buyers, will buy your house.

Our Home Buying Process.

After you contact us, either filling out the form on this page or dialing directly (503) 212-9641. We will respond to your communication over a phone call, facetime, or zoom.

We know we need to follow the rules to minimize the COVID-19 spreading. 

In order to protect each other from the epidemic, we are using all the technological devices available to conduct a comprehensive distant inspection of your house. If, for instance, we consider that it is needed to have a personal home inspection. We will do it, taking all the precautions to avoid any contagious risk.

We will present a writing offer for your property during the next 24 hours after seeing your house.

Typically paperwork process takes seven days, which means you will have cash for your home in less than two weeks after you approved our offer.

The Better Off Home Buyers home buying process is smooth, transparent, and clients oriented. Selling your home to us is a free stress process. No hassle, no pressure.

Selling your Home Through an R.E.A.

A house sale commission is 6% of its commercial value. That is an expense that the seller homeowner must pay. 

The 6% sale commission charged by real estate agents isn’t ruled by law, but the practice has made that it is the amount to be paid for the real estate agents’ work.

On many occasions, there is more than one real estate agent involved in a sale home negotiation; in this case, the sale commission will be distributed among the agents involved in the house sale transaction.

Closing costs are expenses and fees associated with buying and selling a home, such as taxes, insurance title, appraisal, and loan fees. 

The closing costs may vary between 2% and 5% of the sale value of the house.

Other closing costs could include:

  • Appraisal, appraising a property can cost anywhere from $ 500 to $ 1,200 in Portland, depending on the location and price of a property to be evaluated.
  • Inspection. Typically home Inspections are paid at the site; they are not included in the closing costs, but it is an expense that is done by the property seller.
  • Property taxes. So that the sale of a property can proceed, it must be up to date with the property taxes, an expense that the selling homeowner must make.

Selling Your Home To Better Off Home Buyers.

  • You don’t pay real estate agents commission fees.
  • You don’t pay home appraisal, closing costs, or any other expense related to your home sale process.

We pay for the home sale fees.

Time It Takes To Purchase Your House.

While it takes at least 90 days to sell your house through a real estate agent, the same transaction with an investor such as Better Off Home Buyers takes as little as 7 days, in many cases, we have bought houses in just 2 days.

Selling your property should be a fast and safe operation. A real estate agent can’t guarantee that your property will ever sell, a lender could deny a mortgage loan to a potential buyer, or it may happen that at the last minute your buyer regrets.

With Better Off Home Buyers, the sale of your house is a safe operation because we buy it. Our company does not depend on lenders; we have enough money to close transactions at any time, anywhere in the United States, even now that we are experiencing the scourges of the coronavirus.


It may be that the economic slowdown caused for the coronavirus epidemic has put you in need of selling your property. Regardless of your financial or your property conditions, Consider selling it to Better Off Home Buyers

By selling your house to us, you don’t need to carry out significant or small repairs. You don’t need to paint it, clean it, nor incur expenses to impress potential buyers. You don’t have to pay a high commission or closing costs as required when you hire a real estate agent.

If you are behind mortgage payments, or you signed for a deferral payment plan, we can buy your house.

All you need to do is contact us by filling out the form on this page or by dialing directly (503) 212-9641.

During this COVID-19 crisis, we are taking all the precautions and recommendations of the health and local authorities to protect our clients and ourselves healthy. We have implemented the use of technology to have virtual home visits and client conversations, minimizing the risk of contagion.

If you thought of selling your home during the crisis was a problem. Better Off Home Buyers is your solution.

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