We Purchase Any House As Is In Portland, Oregon, And The United States.

Better Off Home Buyers, is a family company based in Lake Oswego, Portland. We are dedicated to solving problems for homeowners in need to sell their homes quickly.

Below we enumerate on the types of properties we buy in Portland, throughout the state of Oregon, and the United States as well.

Type of house that we purchase every day.

Every day we receive a lot of phone calls, and emails from people in need of selling their houses. Usually, clients want to sell to us their properties for the following reasons:

  • Foreclosure homes, or about to be filed.
  • Couples in the process of Divorce.
  • Upside down Houses. Properties whose debt is greater than their commercial value.
  • Relocate. People moving out to another place within the country or abroad.
  • An unwanted inherited house that needs major repairs or is causing family disagreements.
  • Vacant houses as a result of bad tenants or because they have been abandoned 
  • Condemned houses by authorities or because they represent a health hazard 
  • Job Loss or income reduction due to a business setback.
  • A Homeowner is in need of cash immediately.

Also, We have received messages from people who are going through a bad financial time due to the Covid-19 crisis and need to sell their houses.

If You Are Looking For An Immediate solution? Better Off Home Buyers Is The Answer.

The Coronavirus epidemic is not an impediment for us to continue providing an excellent service to our clients. We are able to help our customers during this unfortunate time.

We follow the health authority recommendations in order to preserve the community health and ours as well.

By filling out the form you find below on this page or calling us directly at (503) 212-9641. We will begin our process to buy your house.

Once we receive your information. In less than 24 hours one of our associates will contact you. Then we will make an appointment to visit your property either in person or virtually.

If the house meets our purchase criteria we will make you a written offer.

The decision to accept our offer is entirely yours, without pressure or harassment.

Once you accept our proposal, we will begin all the necessary procedures to buy your house.

After completing the purchase paperwork needed, we will be paying the total amount agreed

Sometimes we close a house purchase in a period of 7 days, but that only depends on the process itself.

Advantages of Selling Your House to Better Off Home Buyers.

The difference between hiring a real estate agent to sell your home in Portland or contacting Better Off Home Buyers to buy it is that our business is about buying houses. Therefore when you communicate with us you have already started the process of selling your home.

But if you decide to hire a real estate agent they also can offer you a high-quality service. But the process of selling your house is slower than it would be selling the property to an investor like us.

The sale of a house through the regular real estate market is subject to different factors, plus payment of commissions, repairs, decoration, and closing costs. 

Now, due to the impact of Coronavirus, many people do not want to receive strangers who want to see their property. Keeping social distancing we avoid getting Covid-19.

In a traditional home sale process, you should be prepared to invest time and money before your home enters the market list. 

According to experts in analyzing the real estate market, preparing a house for sale has an average cost of $ 10,000 dollars and a frame time of 30 days.

On our website betteroffhomebuyers.com. We have a compare table that explains in detail the difference of selling your Portland house to a real estate agent or to an investor such as Better Off Home Buyers. Check it out.

When Is It Recommended To Sell Your House? Reasons

The need to sell a home does not depend on a specific reason or time of the year. In Portland during the spring and the summer seasons is likely to be the best time to sell a house. The real estate market is more dynamic and sellers see their chances because there are more motivated buyers.

But if on the other hand, a homeowner needs to sell his property immediately. He can’t wait for the most favorable time. When circumstances demand that the house must be sold, then taking action is required.

For Better Off Home Buyers buying houses in Portland, in the state of Oregon, and throughout the Nation. It is a 24/7 job, 365 days a year.

Our telephone number (503) 212-9641 is at your disposal at any time, if you need to sell your house you don’t have to wait for the perfect weather, either for motivated buyers or favorable market conditions. We buy houses at all times. Contact us!

Questions From Our Clients And Its Respective Answers.

Question: Does Selling My House To You Could Affect My Credit Score?


What affects a credit score report is falling in behind payments, and not paying a debt at all. 

When you sell your home to Better Off Home Buyers, you have the opportunity to reorganize your budget and start the process of improving your credit score again.

Question: Does Better Off Home Buyers Pay Real Value For A Property Or Less?


There are many factors that influence the commercial price of a house, such as the square footage, the physical and structural conditions of it, the neighborhood where it is located, and the parameters of the market in Portland at the moment of sale, among others. 

Also, we understand that emotional value is attached to a home. However when we make a written offer for a house. We take into account everything that is involved to come out with a fair price that would be beneficial to all the parts involved in the transaction.

Question: When I Would Receive The Money For Selling My House to Better Off Home Buyers?


After a client accepts the written offer we have presented for the house, the time of processing the purchase documentation varies in many ways. No transaction is the same as another. What is certain is that you will receive the money for the sale of your home. In significantly less time than if your home was listed on the regular real estate market.

In some cases we have paid for properties in Portland in a short time, as much as in 7 days.

Question: Better Off Home Buyer Would Be Willing To Buy My House If It Needs Major Repairs?


Part of our motto is to buy houses as they are. Like any industry, we have a purchase criterion within which we manage our business. In Portland, we have had the satisfaction of helping many homeowners who were in difficult situations. Usually, we made an evaluation of your property based on our criteria. According to it, we go-ahead to buy the house. 

Question: What is my best option if I need to sell my Portland house?


If you need to sell your house quickly, explore the real estate market versus the investor’s means. Check on the effectiveness and the time that a real estate agent would take to sell your house. Under normal conditions, on average, a traditional house sale takes 120 days. Currently, we are suffering the effects of the coronavirus, so all Industries have been terribly affected by the crisis. Selling a house in the real estate market today could take longer than last year in the same period.

Hiring an investor is undoubtedly the best option when a homeowner needs to sell fast. Investors do not depend on bank loans or lenders, nor do we have to wait for motivated buyers. The legal process of purchasing a house is done by our own team. If you need to sell your house soon, the best option for you is to contact an investor

Question: Why Better Off Home Buyers?


Because we are a family business.  We are aware of the needs, emotions, and frustrations that people experience when they need to sell their homes immediately. 

Because Portland is our home and we want to help the homeowners of our city, our beautiful state of Oregon, and our Country.
Because we are committed to doing an effective and honest job, giving 200% on everything we do. And, because we want to fulfill our mission in life which is, to serve. Contact us!

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