What Should You Do To Sell Your House Fast In Portland OR?

You have decided to sell your house! It may be that you are in the process of moving to a larger property, or you need to relocate for work reasons. Or the actual situation may have become difficult because of the COVID-19. Whatever the case may be, the issue is that you need to sell your house fast.

Next, we are going to present a study that we have carried out in our offices about which is the most effective strategy to sell a house quickly. We have compared the costs of selling a house through a real estate agent or selling it to Better off home buyers.

Hiring A Real Estate Agent.

Hiring a real estate agent is traditional when it comes to selling a home. A real estate agent has the training and knowledge to recommend and design the best sales strategy, so the house seller could get paid the right price for his property.

To achieve the desired results, the hired real estate agent will conduct a preliminary inspection of the property. He will study the market conditions. He will take into account different variables that will help him to determine the steps to follow to make the sale of your house a success.

After taking all the above into consideration, the real estate agent proceeds to instruct you with some fundamental tips and tricks to sell your house quickly and for the best price.

Real Estate Agent Tips And What Could Be The Costs For You!

1 -Preparing your house for sale. Make your home look like a 5 stars hotel. Make it look good, make it smell good, in other words, make a deep house cleaning. You can do it yourself or hire a professional house cleaner. In Portland, the average house cleaning rate for a 3 bedroom home is $180.
Tune-up the garden by making the grass look fresh and healthy. Plant new plants if necessary prospective buyers love the lawn freshness and its smell. Do it yourself or hire a gardener.
Curve appeal. Replace the old hardware, install window boxes, dress up the front door and porch. Do a mailbox makeover, and so on. You got to be prepared to spend something between $ 300. To $ 1,000.

$    180

$    200

$ 1,000
Declutter. Get rid of everything you don’t need. Pack all the around the house stuff, hide it, or put it in a storage unit. Don’t let your stuff or toys be visible homebuyers don’t like to see items around the house. If you have kids and pets, send them to your relatives or friend’s house. Homebuyers don’t appreciate noises when they are looking for a house to buy. Storage unit rental price plus a day baby sitter cost.

$   250
Present your house in the best format. Move your furniture around to make more space. If you don’t know how to do it, hire a stager. “It is time for showtime.” A professional stager can give you the advice to present your interior house attractive to homebuyers. A stager will help you with the furniture and fixtures. He can suggest you either rent or buy suitable furniture to do the adjustments needed.Estimated cost, between $1,000 to $ 5,000.

$  5,000
Get the proper insurance. Make sure you have liability insurance just in case anything happened inside your property while prospective buyers are looking at it. It is your responsibility to ensure safeness to yourself and your home visitors, including buyers and real estate agents. If you don’t have a liability insurance policy be prepared to spend $300

$   300
Accommodating Showings. You need to be available for the most time of the day to show your house for sale. It includes weekends and holidays. Typically, the first three weeks after a house is listed are the busiest time receiving prospective buyers in your house. Now that we are returning to normal, people are more open to receiving home visitors than in previous months. 
Most homebuyers will request to tour a property in-person before they’ll submit an offer, making it difficult for anyone to eliminate showings. However, there’s also no need for you to accommodate the casual browser or take on unnecessary risk. 
To avoid these people contact and the coronavirus spreading risk, contact Better Off Home Buyers. We will buy your house.
The time you need to waste showing your property for sale can be used in more productive activities. Think, how much your time is worth.

Time is Money!
Home Pre-inspection.Real estate agents recommend hiring an appraisal to get an accurate home value. Doing so can help determine a realistic asking price, increasing the likelihood of a fast sale.As a seller, you must pay for your home appraisal fees. Appraisal cost goes from $300 to $1,000

$   300
Home Repairs and Renovations. A good real estate agent will point out all small and major repairs your house needs to get the maximum appraisal value and to impress buyers. Any area of your house that needs to be improved would be at the seller’s expense, which means you must pay for repairs or renovations to make your home attractive to potential buyers. The costs of these improvements could go from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Also, the time to comply with home repairs may take days or months.  The most common small repairs are painting, windows and doors adjustment, interior and exterior lighting, lawn renovation including the irrigation system. 

$   6,000
Social Media Advertising. Real estate agents suggest you can use social media to ad your house sale. Many homeowners had reported they were told to run a Facebook, Instagram ads, like Youtube videos as well. Also, others reported their real estate agent recommended to hire a professional photographer and pay for at least 35 high-quality photos to use them in social media sell campaigns. They insisted on linking all the social media ads you pay to the real estate agent information, so he or she would get firsthand leads from your social media ads.
At Better Off Home Buyers, we were calculating the cost of hiring a professional photographer and running a Facebook 2 weeks ad campaign. The estimate is $1,200. We weren’t including other social media platforms nor the time-consuming cost to satisfy the real estate agent’s demand.

$  1,200
Real estate agent Commission and Closing costs. The real estate agent commission is 6%. If your house is an average price Portland house, its value should be around 350,000 dollars, so the commission you need to pay is $21,000.
The closing cost is around 2.5% fo the home value$350,000 X 2.5%  = $ 8,750.                                                                                                          Total

$  29,750

Total Cost of Hiring A Real Estate Agent.

In this calculation, we are not including the equivalent in money of the homeowner’s time. 

You must have on account that a lot of time is needed to satisfy all the real estate demands. Also, you need to deal with visitors to your house during the present pandemic, exposing yourself and your family to a possible contagious disease.

According to the National Association of Realtors, an average home sale time is estimated in  95 days. That time could be more if your prospective buyer gets denied for his bank.


Real Estate Agent’s tips to sell your house will cost you…………………..  $   16,330

Real estate agent’s commission  …………………………………………………….  $    21,000

Closing Cost. ………………………………………………………………………………….   $      8,750


                                            Subtotal  $   46,080

Minimum 90 days your home in the listing, Mortgage,

Utilities, property taxes, maintenance.   3 months prorated                 $     9,276


The total cost is based on a 3 bedroom home, average price of 

$350,000 in Portland. Oregon.                                                             $    55,356


Selling a house through a real estate agent in Portland Or. may cost a homeowner 55,000 Dollars approximately.

Selling Your House To Better Off Home Buyers.

Better Off Home Buyers, is a buying homes company doing business in Portland and the Oregon state area for many years.

When a homeowner sells his house to us, he doesn’t need to worry about,

  • Preparing his house for sale.
  • Home inspection cost. 
  • Home repairs and renovations.
  • Social media Advertising.
  • Real estate agent’s commissions.
  • Closing cost.
  • Having his house listing for months.
  • Depending on the homebuyer’s credit approval.
  • Wasting his money and time doing and complying with the real estate agent’s suggestions.
  • Taking the risk to get an infection disease like COVID-19. 

You have everything to gain by selling your home to us. With our purchase process, the entire operation takes 7 days.

The same day that you contact us for the first time, we start working on the purchase of your property. 24 hours or before, after visiting your home we can present you with a written offer.

Better Off Home Buyers is a firm managed by professionals in all aspects of the home selling business. We take care of all details involved in a home purchasing transaction.

Our clients don’t need to expend money to pay for improvements or repairs, nor any related cost to selling their house to us. 

Most importantly, we buy houses AS-IS. During this coronavirus epidemic time, we have helped many desperate homeowners that were having difficulties paying their mortgages and their lenders did not offer them any help in these crisis moments.

The same situation is experiencing right now many small landlords. People with rental-house investments are struggling today because their tenants can’t pay rent. 

Covid-19 has claimed many victims, not only people who have died from the disease but also all those who have been affected by unemployment and others that have lost their businesses.

Through a transparent and easy home purchasing process we buy your home.

It doesn’t matter if your house:

  • Needs repairs.
  • It is tenant-occupied.
  • You are behind mortgage payments.
  • Are under a forbearance plan.
  • Your tenants stopped paying the rent.
  • You are relocating.
  • Facing foreclosure.
  • Divorce.
  • Inherited house.
  • uninhabitable house.
  • Is in perfect condition.
  • You have big equity in your house.

Hiring a Real estate agent can be more expensive and stressful than you imagine. 

We will offer a fair offer for your house, you don’t need to accept immediately. No hassle, we respect your time and are willing to work at your pace.

After you accept our writing offer, it takes about 7 days to close. So you will have a check for your property the very same closing day.

Some homeowners in need to sell their homes due to the actual crisis, don’t have a place to go. After we have purchased their houses, they have become our tenants so they can reorganize their lives starting all over again.

Contact us. We can help you if you need or want to sell your house. We will respond to your communication right away. Fill out the form on this page or dial (503) 212-9641.

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