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Do you need cash immediately? – Are you selling your house in Coos Bay?

That is a situation many homeowners in Coos Bay are dealing with.

After 18 months since the pandemic started, a significant number of homeowners and small landlords found themselves behind on mortgage payments, some facing foreclosure, others struggling to comply with forbearance and deferral payment plans.

The pandemic has impacted to a great extent the Oregon coast’s largest city.  Many local industries lay down personal. The attraction and tourist businesses were near to shut down for good.

Covid-19 has influenced the interest rates, which are at the lowest levels.

However, banks and lenders are more precautious and demanding than before to grant new home loans or refinance applicants. 

They are asking for more money for the down payment and require more guarantees that the debtors will keep jobs and income. In 2020 and 2021, millions of Americans have struggled to keep their jobs and their income stream. 

The pandemic hasn’t been gentle with people in Coos bay. Many homeowners In the city and surrounded areas want to sell their houses.

Many people who were selling their homes in Coos Bay have seen the number of buyers decline.

So they have no choice but to keep crossing their fingers until the right buyer shows up. 

However, the solution is not that simple. Homeowners must continue to make mortgage payments, taxes, maintenance, and all other expenses associated with the property. Hundreds of them simply do not have enough income to meet those obligations.

The lot of the small landlords is even worse. Millions of renters in the United States cannot pay their rent. But federal and local authorities had ruled in favor of the tenants letting the landlords bear the costs. The landlords have little or no protection from the legislation.

Experts have predicted that cities in Oregon, including Coos Bay, will be affected by foreclosures, evictions, and the real estate crisis in the coming months.

Homeowners and small landlords will face foreclosure. 

Small landlords and homeowners will be living the frustration of dealing with a legislative system that does not provide the same protection to everyone. People with financial problems will easily be prey for the predatory practices of some banks.” Experts said—the consequences of the ban on evictions.

Despite the drawbacks associated with the crisis, homeowners still have options to sell their homes. Some Coos Bay homeowners have contacted real estate companies, and others have contacted investors like Better Off Home Buyers because they found that they can get more out of selling their homes than letting lenders get their hands on them. 

What Option Is Best For You? We Can Help You To Make That Decision

Although statistics, market trends, and everything that is happening in Coos Bay and Oregon because of the pandemic and the actions taken by the authorities to prevent people from the virus spreading. It is still possible for you to sell your house.

At Better Off Home Buyers, we assure you that you can sell your home quickly. All you need to do is fill the info form on this page or call us by phone. We can make an instant offer for your house or set a personal appointment to visit your home.

To learn more about our process to buy your home.

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Our home buy process is straightforward, fast, and easy to understand.

  • You don’t need to worry about the time to sell your house.
  • You don’t need to do home repairs.
  • You don’t need to deal with strangers visiting your house.
  • No real estate agent hostilities.
  • No unnecessary sale costs.
  • Peace of mind.

We have been in the home buying business for years. We have helped hundreds of homeowners in need to sell their homes. Without obligation, let us show you the difference between selling your house through a real estate agent versus selling it to an investor like us.

The sale price of a house depends on many factors such as:

– The physical state of the property.

– The trend of the real estate market.

– Motivated buyers.

– The amount of time your home is on the MLS list.

– The neighborhood, access to schools, shopping centers, highways.

– Legal situation of the property.

– Personal situation of the owners.

Better Off Home Buyers have the policy to create a personal relationship with our clients, then a business relationship.

We are a family business aware of the situations that appear in the life of each individual.

Our company is a family business based on investments, but we are not unaware of the human side and the sensitivity involved when we buy a home.

Our property buying process is simple and transparent. When our clients contact us, we proceed to collect information about their homes. Then, based on Better Off Home Buyers’ purchase criteria, we’ll send you a written cash offer within 24 hours.

After clients accept our offer, our team begins with the necessary procedures to make the purchase.

Sometimes, we have had paperwork in 7 days. This way, sellers can receive cash quickly.

Please, contact us by filling out the form below on this page or dial our phone number. Let’s talk about your Coos Bay property. We have covered the needs of dozens of local homeowners eager to sell their homes. Do not miss the opportunity to receive an immediate offer on your property.

Better Off Home Buyers will present you with a fair offer on your property in approximately 24 hours. Other homebuyers recognize us as the most reliable and accurate company in terms of the purchase value we offer for a property in the state of Oregon.

What A Client Gets When They Work With Us

When you contact us by filling the information form on our webpage or dialing our phone number directly, our team of professionals starts working to your complete satisfaction. 

  • What are our criteria for buying a home?

We buy houses AS-IS. These are the main criteria. However, with few exceptions, some properties are out of our home-to-buy standards. 

Some properties present extreme structural damages that it makes impossible to come out with a commercial property value. In these cases, we’ll make an offer for the land.

  • We will present you with a fair offer in writing and without obligation.

As soon as we visit your Coos Bay house, we will evaluate it. Then, we will present you with a fair written offer.

  • We work with a local and reputable title Company.

Our Better Off Home Buyers team includes Lawyers, Accountants, and Real estate professionals to provide an excellent service to our clients. We work with a well-known local title company to close the transaction in a short time. 

  • Visits your house and social distance

Although the pandemic is better controlled today and millions of citizens are vaccinated. Still, many homeowners who need to sell their homes are not comfortable with people’s homes entering. Technology has become an effective tool to view and evaluates a property. If a homeowner does not want to have visitors, we can do virtual home visits.

No hassles home sell

Because you don’t need to deal with agents, strangers passing by, loads of paperwork, and months of waiting for your property to sell, dealing with us is a hassle-free transaction.

Better Off House Buyers buy houses in Coos Bay, across Oregon, and other States.

We submit a win-win offer and closing in a short time, seven days in the majority of cases. 

We’re not a listing company. We are the company that buys your Coos Bay house. 

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