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Can I Sell My Home During Forbearance?

COVID-19 is putting us outside-down in every aspect of our life. Yet, isn’t clear when we become normal. Many homeowners are in jeopardy of losing their home, even if they already sign for a forbearance payment plan, they are at risk. Be proactive, you can sell your house during forbearance avoiding all the complications associated with a foreclosure.

Sell your house Fast Portland

Companies That Buy Houses For Cash

This page covers information on companies that buy houses in Portland, Oregon. It discusses the pros of choosing an investor over a real estate agent.

We Buy Your Springfield House

We purchase homes in any condition in Springfield, Oregon, and across Oregon. We offer a fair market price, fast closing, and cash in your hands in a short time.

Selling Your House for Cash in Medford

Some homeowners can apply for refinancing to obtain lower payments. Lenders decide the applicant’s approval or denial. Selling the property for cash may be the right option for many.

We Buy Houses in Sandy, Oregon

We Buy Houses For Cash – Gresham

Many homeowners and landlords in Gresham are going through difficult times, some of them have the dilemma, get their mortgage current, face foreclosure or sell the property

Foreclosure in Salem, Oregon

A foreclosure is a painful situation for individuals and families. However, homeowners can avoid foreclosure by taking quick action. Explore the options to help you overcome the negative consequences of foreclosure.

We Buy Houses in Portland

In this post, we tell you about our mission in Portland, How we help homeowners in need of selling their properties.

Selling Your House Fast And Easy

Selling your house when you need to sell is a challenging task. The traditional house selling way does not offer the help a homeowner needs in extreme cases. If you need to sell your house in no time, we can help you.

Sell your house Fast Portland

House in Forbearance, Hillsboro

Selling my Hillsboro house while in forbearance. Hundreds of homeowners need to know other alternatives to sell their homes.
An investor may be the solution.

Sell your house Fast Portland

Sell Your House In Bend, Oregon

Compare selling your house through listing vs. an investor. From any angle, we are your best choice. Get a cash win-win offer for your home. Contact us.