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“They went out of their way to make sure I was happy with the deal and they assisted in any way they could to make the process easier…”

Mathew Mexicotte

On average, it takes more than 90 days to sell a home with a real estate agent in Multnomah County.

The process requires hiring an agent, listing and marketing your home, and going through escrow – all before you can finally close. And, at the end of the day, you are typically paying your real estate agent a 6% commission, plus closing costs, which may account for more than 10% of the home’s closing price.

Without the hassle of putting your home on the market, you can sell it in just 3 easy steps.

First step. Contact us by filling out the information form on our website or by dialing our phone number directly. Free consultation and without obligation to know your home. Please provide us with your home address and contact information so we can connect. We generally communicate with our clients within the next 24 hours, after the first contact.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CDC, and Oregon health measures, we are also able to hold virtual meetings to meet clients and the properties they need to sell.

Second step: After the initial consultation, we will prepare a fair cash offer within 24 hours. Our writing offer is based on evaluating market conditions, recent transactions, and the condition of your home.

Our offer is not an obligation. We understand that a home represents more than a residential value. In most cases, sentimental value is deeply involved, and some homeowners find it difficult to separate the emotions from a home buying and selling transaction. At this particular point, we identify with our clients and do our best to work in the client’s interest. In other words, we want you to be satisfied.

Third Step: Usually, our closing period is as little as 7 days after you accept our written offer on your home! We will work with you to complete all required paperwork and wire funds to finalize the purchase.

We work with a well-known escrow company in Gresham and the Portland metro area. Better Off home Buyers is a family company helping homeowners in Oregon for many years. Our team includes Lawyers, real estate experts, Accountants, business consultants, and financial advisers. We buy properties using our capital. This means we do not depend on lenders or any financial institution to get a home loan approval.

Why Can We Close In 7 Days?

We have all the resources to close a home purchase transaction in a short time. Normally, we close in 7 days but it depends on the transaction itself, Sometimes, we can close in 2 days.

If you need to sell your house in Gresham or anywhere in the US, it is as easy as 1,2,3. Contact us to help you.

Our clients get surprised when we said that we can close in 7 days. Usually, within the 24 hours after we visit a property for sale, we present the owner with a written offer. Better Off Home Buyers have the cash available to pay for houses immediately. In a traditional real estate transaction, It is necessary to wait until lenders approve home loan applicants.  We don’t depend on banks or lenders we have the cash to buy properties.

We buy houses in Gresham, Portland Metro, and across the United States using our own money. 

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A Client Experience.

Recently, we were contacted by a homeowner. He said he had contacted other investors in Gresham before us because he quickly wanted to sell his house. For him hire a real estate agent was not an option, he said.

He was emphatic on the phone. “I wanted to sell fast.” He also mentioned that he had an appraisal report in his hands, so he already knew how much his house was worth. “I have spoken to other professional home buyers, but they are offering a lot less money for my house than it is worth,” he said in an authoritative tone of voice.

We walked our client through our process and set a date to visit his house. The Better Off Home Buyers team visited the property and taking into consideration the home-buying company standards, presented him with a writing offer.

Several days after the initial contact, we heard back from our client. He said that he was ready to go ahead. He spoke with his wife. They compared our proposal versus other home-buying investors’ offers and decided to sell the house to us. 

Our team went to work immediately, and ten days later, we were signing the documentation and delivering the money corresponding to the purchase of our client’s house.

Once we closed the deal, the client remarked,  our proposal was the fairest one they received. 

Better Off Home Buyers can close in a short time because we count on our capital. This means that each Better Off Home Buying transaction lasts 60 to 90 days less than a traditional real estate transaction. Our legal team and a local Escrow company prepare and process the documentation to validate the home purchase in a few days.

Analysis of selling the house to Better Off Home Buyers.

Peter’s property is a two-story, three-bedroom, 2 and a half bath house located in Gresham. He purchased the house in March 2009 for $325,000, using a home loan granted by a bank with 7.6% interest. 

As of December 2020, the property values’ market was $722,500. The amortized value paid in the 10 years was $ 30,000. He was affected by the COVID-19 crisis and had been unemployed since May 2020. Desperate for his financial situation, he signed a mortgage forbearance plan, but the forbearance agreement was not in his favor because his mortgage loan was not backed by the federal government. . After the application, the loan servicer approved Peter only for a 90-day deferral plan.

Here’s the analysis Peter worked on in March 2021 to figure out the most convenient approach to selling his home:

Selling to a Better Off home Buyers:

Property value as of December 2020$722,500.00
Amount owed to the lender-$295,000.00
Net capital gain at December 2020$427,500.00
Late payments from August to December 2020-$15,900.00
Capital gained on 2020-2021 15%$108,375.00
Property Taxes 2020-2021-$3,250.00
House equity in March 2021$516,725.00

Selling the house, for this client represents a capital gain of $516,725. He concluded that by selling the property, he was able to pay debts, and still, he might purchase another house. 

Taking advantage of the current interest rates I can relocate, get a home loan and meet my new mortgage obligation without any problem,” said Peter.

Analysis of Selling The House Through A Real Estate Agent.

Here, Peter’s analysis for March 2021.

Property value as of December 2020$722,500.00
Amount owed to the lender-$295,000.00
Net capital gain at December 2020$427,500.00
Late payments from August to December 2020-$15,900.00
Capital gained on 2020-2021 15%$108,375.00
Property taxes 2020-2021-$3,250.00
Major – minor repairs and appeals, average-$25,000.00
90 days listed – 3 mortgage payments-$7,300.00
Average property tax 3 months-$815.00
Maintenance expenses 3 months-$600.00
6% commission to the real estate agent-$43,350.00
Closing expenses 3% approximately-$21,675.00
Total Capital gain selling to a real estate agent$417,985.00

Summarizing: Peter’s Net capital gains

Selling the house to Better Off Home Buyers$516,725.00
Selling the house to a Real estate Agent$417,985.00

In this example, selling his house to us, Peter would receive $98,740 more in capital gains.

Contact us if you have any questions about selling your property. We can help you.

Here are some of the reasons Selem owners turn to us

1. Social Distance

Many homeowners who were willing to sell their houses refused to do so because they were afraid of catching the COVID-19 virus. They had preferred not to receive strangers at home. 

Contribute to keeping everyone’s health is important to us. Better Off Home Buyers. We are using technology to have virtual conferences and prospect home tours. However, we also conduct physical home visits when is needed.

Without endangering the health of any person and complying with all the measures of the health authorities, our professional home buying team has been able to buy properties in the Portland Metro, and also in the counties of Clackamas, Marion, Washington, Lincoln, and Curry.

2. We Buy Your House As-IS

Better Off Home Buyers buys homes As-Is. The traditional real estate market requires that properties for sale have the best conditions, so they can be chosen by buyers quickly. Any major or minor repair that a property needs should be done and paid for by the homeowner. Real estate agents consider it important to keep a house for sale clean, the gardens very green and healthy, the lights always on to make a good impression on potential buyers. Expenses to be paid by the home seller.

An investor like us buys your property AS-IS.

Buying a home As-Is means: 

No matter the situation, we buy your house.

3. Sale Commissions And Closing Expenses.

A house sale commission is 6% of its commercial value, this is an expense that the seller homeowner must pay. The 6% charged by the real estate agent is not established by any law, but the practice has made that It is the amount to be paid for the real estate agent’s work.

On many occasions there is more than one real estate agent involved in the negotiation, in this case, the commission should be distributed among the agents involved in the house sale.

The closing costs are expenses and fees associated with buying and selling a home, such as taxes, insurance title, appraisal, and loan fees. 

The closing costs may vary between 2% and 5% of the sale value of the house.

Other closing costs could include:

  • Appraisal: appraising a property can cost anywhere from $ 500 to $ 1,200 in the Portland Metro area. It depends on the location and price of the property.
  • Inspection: Inspections are generally paid for in person and are not included in closing costs, but they are an expense incurred by the seller of the property.
  • Property taxes: For a property to be sold it must be up to date with taxes, an expense that the seller must make.

4. Closing Time

While a real estate sale takes at least 90 days to sell your home, the same transaction with an investor like Better Off Home Buyers takes just 7 days. In many cases, we have bought homes in just 2 days.

During the home-selling waiting time. Homeowners have the obligation to continue with the maintenance of their properties,  taxes, and the expenses we had enumerated in reason number 2 of this publication.  

Selling your property should be a fast and safe operation. A real estate agent can’t guarantee that your property will ever sell, a lender might deny a mortgage loan to a potential buyer, or it may happen that at the last minute the buyer regrets it.

With Better Off Home Buyers the sale of your house is safe because we will buy it. Our company does not depend on lenders, we have enough money to close transactions in Gresham, and across Oregon. 

5. Immediate Cash.

If for any reason a homeowner needs cash immediately, let’s say  relocate, unforeseen expenses, illness, or unexpected unpleasing situations. Selling the house to an investor like us is the quickest solution. 

We are happy to help many people who needed cash to solve big problems, these homeowners found in us a way to acquire safe and fast cash for the fair value of their homes.

6. Your Peace Of Mind.

People may have many reasons to sell their houses, sometimes they want to move to a bigger house in another part of the city, sometimes they need to solve a personal problem. No matter what reason you have for selling your property, always a home sale transaction brings expectations and anxiety. 

In an ideal world, selling a home should be quick, for the amount of money the seller wants to receive, and stress-free. But in the real world, the situation is very different. But what is real, is the excellent service that Better Off Home Buyers offers a person when we purchase his home.

Our purchase process is honest, clear, and fast, after a person contacts us, our team immediately goes to work to make a win-win offer.

People can have many reasons to sell their houses,

sometimes they want to move to a bigger house in another part of town, sometimes they need to solve a personal problem. Regardless of your reason for selling your property, the home sale transaction always brings expectations and anxiety.

In an ideal world, selling a house should be quick, for the amount of money the seller wants to receive and without stress. But in the real world, the situation is very different. But the real thing is the excellent service that Better Off Home Buyers offers a person when we buy his home.

We are interested that you, as our client have a pleasant experience and find in Better Off Home Buyers the answer and the solution to your expectations of selling your home. We know that the best way to advertise our business is for you to be a satisfied customer after dealing with us.
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