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“They went out of their way to make sure I was happy with the deal and they assisted in any way they could to make the process easier…”

Mathew Mexicotte

You may ask yourself. How can I sell my Keizer home?

Or Who will buy my home? Well…you have already found the answer. Better Off Home Buyers. We are the company that will help you in Keizer.

Selling a home takes time. The seller has to pay for real estate agents’ commissions, closing costs, and other expenses. In short, the seller is responsible to pay about 20% of the home sale price. If you are selling your Keizer home Better Off Home Buyers is the professional home-buying company you need.

We buy your property as-is. It is true! We will buy your house regardless of its condition. You don’t need to do home repairs, renovations, or have to pay for cleaning, gardening, and painting. We take care of everything. 

You don’t have to pay commissions to a real estate agent, nor the expenses and the consuming time that it takes to sell your house in the traditional Keizer real estate market.

You can sell your house without using a real estate agent.

Do You Want To Get Rid of Your Rental-Occupied Home?

Tenants and landlords in Keizer have rights and responsibilities. It is important to know the laws of the city, county, and state. Currently, because of the pandemic, some small landlords are not collecting rent from their investment properties. the eviction moratorium is about to end. However, an eviction process in the actual conditions will take months which would add more frustration and losses to the landlords in Keizer.

The tenant protecting legislations of Keizer and the state of Oregon is putting individual Landlords on the brink of foreclosure. If as a landlord, you are going through raw times and potentially will be facing foreclosure. We can buy your rental home with tenants in a short time. Contact us for more information.

The vast majority of the landlords from whom we buy properties declared that they had a positive experience. For many years, including the time of the pandemic our company has purchased rental houses, some of them inhabited by excellent tenants. People that have been affected by the covid crisis and suddenly found themselves unable of paying rent.

The Better Off Home Buyers home buying process is fast, transparent, and we pay in cash.

When a homeowner comes to us because he is selling his rental home or is facing a foreclosure, we explain to him that in those cases, the home buying process requires a little bit more time, but, these are the typical situations we deal with on daily basis.

In the process of purchasing a property, our Keizer team takes the necessary steps to complete the transaction in the shortest time possible. We contact the persons or entities that handle the property liens, debts, claims, and everything that has interest on it. And those who may be involved in the purchase operation. 

For a complete explanation about our process of buying rental-occupied properties. Contact us or check at (503) 212-9641.

Selling your rental property before your loan servicer takes legal possession of it is a great decision because your credit history will not be drastically affected. A foreclosure record stays on your credit history for 7 years, and it will hurt your future credit transactions. 

On contrary, a history of default for a few months does not affect your credit to a greater extent. 

Selling your home before a judgment gives you a lifeline. You can relocate your family. Keep working hard to start rebuilding your dreams, almost right away. 

Contact us for more information and we will gladly assist you.

A Traditional Home Sale Is a Terrible Experience.

Because many homeowners stated that their real estate experience was not even close to what they expected. Better Off Home Buyers has been dedicated to the mission of providing homeowners with the best home selling experience. We pay cash for the properties. Our process is simple and fast, giving the homeowner the confidence that their home will be purchased in no time. Thus, avoiding the hassle of dealing with real estate agents.

How Better Off Home Buyers Buys Your House.

  • First, You communicate with us.

Fill out the form on this page, or dial directly our phone number.

Over the Phone, we will talk about the conditions and characteristics of your property. According to your schedule, we will arrange an appointment to see the house physically.

  • We, Will, Meet You at Your Property on The Day Of The Appointment.

Together with you, we will tour your house and take note of the conditions it is in. You don’t have to worry about repairs or damages on it, we will cover all of that. After finishing the walk we will present you with an offer for the house.

You are not required to accept our proposal immediately. When you consider it appropriate, we will sign the contract for the purchase of your home.

  • We will close the purchase of your house when you decide.

It is that easy, we will work according to your schedule of activities, and we take care of all the details and paperwork of the purchase, after the respective contract signatures, you will receive cash for the value of your house.

If You Are Selling Your Keizer Home. 

Better Off Home Buyers buys properties As-is, we pay cash. We close in 7 days. 

If you want to sell your Portland home quickly or have any questions. Contact us to start the process of purchasing your Keizer home. Also, we can help you if you are facing foreclosure or if you need to avoid a legal process for being behind on loan payments.

We buy all kinds of properties in Portland.

Regardless of the conditions of your home, we make a reasonable offer for it. Better Off Home Buyers have the capital to buy properties immediately. Other companies in this field cannot say the same.

Remember, the service we provide in Keizer and across Oregon is effective and always favors the homeowners. Our process is quick, easy and we pay in cash.

Currently, The US is in the process of reopening the economy. Although this news encourages us, we know that the covid-19 has not been completely eradicated.

During the quarantine period, we have created a form of communication with our clients. Using Technology, we have contacted our clients through video calls, video conferences, and virtual visits to the properties. This modality is something that we will keep using permanently to be able to assist our clients more efficiently.

We are glad to continue offering excellent service to homeowners who want to sell their homes. Please contact us for more information.

To generate income from a property in Keizer for many is a dream come true. However, a rented property also generates expenses, and sometimes the monthly balance shows red numbers. But if it is maintained in good condition, and tenants take good care of the property and pay rent on time, plus the capital gain that the property acquires, it can become a highly appreciated long-term asset.

But, unexpected situations like the novel coronavirus, and the measures to eradicate it, could throw the homeowner’s economy into the trash.  If you find yourself in a similar situation, we can offer assistance and buy that property that bad tenants have turned into garbage, through a stress-free and hassle-free process.  contact us

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