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“They went out of their way to make sure I was happy with the deal and they assisted in any way they could to make the process easier…”

Mathew Mexicotte

Avoid a long process.

If you’ve ever negotiated a living arrangement, then you know how difficult it can be. You know first hand, The time it takes, the costs, and the stress of the experience. But, by selling your Lebanon house to us, you don’t go over a complex process.

You don’t incur any cost by selling your home to a professional home buyer like Better Off Home Buyers. As a selling homeowner, you just need to focus on the next step in your personal life because we’ll pay for your home in about 7 days.                     

Some homeowners have reported that lenders are convincing borrowers to sign for a forbearance plan. Still, when the program is about to end, they don’t offer the debtor other options than to pay in full the amount missed or face foreclosure. 

Don’t let banks and lenders profit from your house. Avoid foreclosure by selling your house. Take advantage of your home equity, and get back on your feet.

There are many reasons why people choose to sell their homes to professional Lebanon home buyers.

By selling to an investor, homeowners  can get benefits, such as:

  • Get ​​cash fast. Regardless of the setbacks, You may need to have money on hand immediately. For example, if you are going through a divorce, facing foreclosure, or filing for bankruptcy. Cash on hand would be imminently helpful.
  • An effortless transaction. When you bought your home, you could be under a mountain of paperwork. That’s not something you shouldn’t worry about when you sell to an investor like Better Off Home Buyer; you have the backing of professionals in areas such as accounting, law, real estate, and excellent customer service practices.
  • Savings. Listing a property must meet certain conditions. First of all, the house must be in perfect condition. Second, the owners should not have personal problems. If these requirements comply, any real estate agent will be happy to help you. On the contrary, no one will help you unless you have the money to improve your problems. 

Suppose you are selling your Portland house.

It may be that you just want to sell it, or you are going through personal difficulties. Or maybe you need to sell your home because you are accepting a new job in another city. 

For whatever reason you are selling your house in Lebanon, selling it to an investor can help you start a new chapter of your life. A real estate agent can not guarantee a quick sale and significant savings.

Vern Sold his Portland Property Fast and Easy

To summarize: the Better Off Home Buyers’ buying-home process goes as 1,2,3.

1, you contact us by filling the form on this page or by dialing directly

2, we will present you with a writing offer for your house.

3, you’ll have cash in your hands in about 7 days.

Sell Your House For a Fair Price

If your home is in poor condition but needs to sell quickly, you should expect to sell it below market value. You deserve a fair price for your home. You shouldn’t feel like you have to settle for less. 

House fair price results from applying formulas when a property is inspected for commercial value. Also, The price of a home is determined by its location and the sales history of the neighborhood.  We take into account the Several variables that influence the home price to make a win-win offer.

Working With Better Off Home Buyers

At Better Off Home Buyers, we are always ready to help the Lebanon homeowners who want or need to sell their homes. 

We work in the Lebanon area, but our home-buying services extend across Oregon and beyond. We are a professional home-buying company located on Lake Oswego searching for people who want to sell their homes as-is.

Our home buying process is transparent, easy to understand, and fast. Our clients continuously refer us to their friends and family who want to sell their houses. However, not all of our clients are desperate people who need to sell their homes right away. 

Some clients choose our home buying services because of the time and money they save to sell their property to us.

A Home Loan in  A Forbearance Plan

If you’ve signed up for a mortgage forbearance loan, you can still sell your home. It is possible to sell your home even if you are not making payments. 

However, some rules and regulations must adhere Immediately after the sale. You must pay the entire amount due.

The Forbearance plans provide an opportunity to correct financial hardship. It is an option for homeowners in various circumstances, including those with rental properties.

Mortgage Forbearance plans are a temporary lifesaver, but when it gets to their end, homeowners should have to retake monthly payments plus the unpaid balances. 

Many people, homeowners, tenants, and landlords, have lost their jobs or have seen a substantial reduction in their income. 

When the mortgage forbearance plans get to the end, people financially struggling may not meet their mortgage obligations and, they necessarily will face foreclosure.

Currently, by the end of 2021,  home prices have increased over 26%. Home equity increased close to 35% of the actual house selling price. 

Paradoxically, because of the pandemic. Many people live in a high home price houses, but they can not afford the mortgage payments.

A mortgage forbearance plan may help homeowners avoid foreclosure, but it must be careful because it could be a tramp. 

Better Off Home Buyers helps you by buying your house.

If you can’t make your monthly payments, you probably don’t have the money to improve your property for sale. Nor do you not have the time to wait for your house to be sold. Selling a home through a real estate agent implicates minor repairs, sale commissions, closing costs, taxes, time, and unforeseen expenses.

If you sell your house to Better Off Home Buyers, you don’t need to spend a penny from your pocket; you don’t need to wait weeks or months to sell your house. You don’t need to receive strangers in your home and take the risk of getting infected. 

During this unfortunate time, we have been able to help homeowners and Landlords In Lebanon to alleviate their financial load by buying their properties. Contact us. 

We will help you as we have helped hundreds of struggling homeowners throughout the years by buying their houses.

Contact us by filling the form on this page or dial our phone number directly.

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Selling Your Tenant-Occupied Rental House

The pandemic doesn’t discriminate. Over 10 million people are unemployed and unable to pay rent. Small landlords are facing an unusual situation. They can not evict tenants and take control of their rental properties.

 Federal and local authorities have extended the eviction moratorium. Governor Brown signed executive order number 2130, extending the moratorium on evictions and foreclosures to December 31, 202. 

We know first hand, many small landlords in Lebanon don’t receive money from their tenants for over 12 months. Landlords have non-protection from the local and federal authorities. 

The laws and executive orders have been in favor of the tenants. Under these circumstances selling a rental house with tenants is the way out of future and more significant problems. 

We offer cash for tenant-occupied houses. Our buying process is the same for any property. It doesn’t matter about the house conditions; we will purchase it. For more information contact us.

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