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“They went out of their way to make sure I was happy with the deal and they assisted in any way they could to make the process easier…”

Mathew Mexicotte

Selling a home through the St. Helens real estate market takes time and money.

The seller must incur various expenses, including real estate agent commissions, closing costs, major and minor home repairs, and others. In short, the costs of selling together can be as high as 20% of the home’s sale price.

However, there is an alternative that can save you a lot of inconveniences. If you are selling your home in Saint Helen, check with Better Off Home Buyers.

We buy your property as-is. It is true! If you want to sell your Saint Helens in purchasing a property Our house, we will buy it regardless of its condition. You don’t need to do home repairs, renovations, paying for cleaning, gardening, and painting, and other expenses. We take care of everything. 

You can sell your St. Helen house without using a real estate agent. It means you don’t need to pay agent commissions, additional sale expenses, and the consuming time associated with selling your house

Selling Your Primary Residence or Your Rental Property.

Saint Helens’ tenants and landlords have rights and responsibilities. It is crucial to get informed of the city, county, and state landlord and tenant laws. 

Due to the pandemic, many lost their jobs; as a result, they stopped paying the rent. Depending on their investment income, the landlords have problems covering the property’s maintenance and personal expenses.

In addition, the ban on evictions impedes owners from regaining control of their properties. They can do nothing but watch their working years about to disappear.

The moratorium on evictions was extended again. The CDC declared October 3, 2021, as the new deadline to open eviction cases in the U.S. However, under current conditions, thinking about an eviction process will take months, adding further frustration and losses to the landlords.

The Oregon tenant protecting legislation and the CDC regulations are pushing landlords to the brink of foreclosure. For now, an eviction process is not an option. The courts in Saint Helen are over-saturated.

If you are going through raw times and potentially will face foreclosure, we want to help you. Please, Contact us for more information.

We Buy Your Tenant-occupied Property

The vast majority of the landlords from whom we buy properties declared that they had a positive experience dealing with us. Including the pandemic, our company has purchased rental houses, some of them inhabited by excellent tenants. Friendly people that have been affected by the covid crisis and suddenly found themselves unable of paying rent.

Our home buying process is fast, transparent, and we pay in cash. Many of the owners who come to us during 2021 are single house homeowners about to face foreclosure or landlords with tenants that stooped paying rent.

Buying a house is a fast process; however, the transaction takes a little more time when it is a tenant-occupied property, but there is nothing for the seller to worry about because those are the typical situations we deal with daily.

If you are a small landlord making mortgage payments on your rental property, your loan is in default because your tenant cannot pay the rent.

Selling the property before your loan servicer takes legal possession is an excellent decision. Your credit history will not be drastically affected. A foreclosure record stays on your credit history for 7 years, and it will hurt your future credit transactions.

In purchasing a property, our Saint Helens team takes the necessary steps to complete the transaction in the shortest time possible. We contact the persons or entities that handle property liens, debts, claims, tenants. And those who will have an interest in the purchase operation. 

For a complete explanation about our process of buying rental-occupied properties, contact us.

How Selling to Better Home Buyers Works?

Step 1

Knowing Your Property

Contact us. We will gather some basic information about your timeline to sell.

Step 2


Overview of Property: We will ask for a brief overview of your house, and if possible, although not necessary, we will set up a site visit.

Step 3

A no-obligation offer.

A no-obligation offer: We will either make you an offer on the spot, or the by the following day at the latest.

Homeowners who need to sell their homes quickly in St. Helens ask us the same question all the time “How can I sell my home fast in Saint Helen?.”

The short and direct answer is: “Better Off Home Buyers will buy it.

Better Off Home Buyers is a real estate investment company based in Oregon. We help people like you, who, for different reasons, need to sell their properties. Our work covers Saint Helen, Hillsboro, Oregon City, Salem, the entire state of Oregon, and other states in the US.

We have years of experience in our field and the capital to buy homes in St. Helen. Homeowners get more money in their pockets when they sell to us than they do through a real estate agent. 

As follows, the transcription of a client phone call.


Hi, I’m just looking for information 


“Of course, Thank you for contacting us. Let me introduce myself; my name is Scott; how can I help you?”


“Thank you, Scott I would like to know about your home buying process.


“Absolutely, we buy homes across Oregon, and Saint Helens is one of the cities where we have more clients. Typically, our buying process is  1,2 and 3 steps,

  • Step one includes knowing where your property is located and scheduling a   visit to see it physically.”
  • Step two, we will evaluate the property, and
  • Step three: We will present you an offer for your house; we will close in about seven days if you accept it.


Wow, that is quick. How does it come that the process is so fast?  I know escrow takes 45 days or more.”


“That is a good observation, ma’am. The escrow is a trust to ensure that it will not mislead the parts involved in the purchase.  The time it takes is because lenders take the time to approve loan applicants. We are not dependent on lenders or banks. We possess the capital to buy properties. That’s why it takes us less than two weeks to close a home purchase. We can come over to  your house at any time convenient for you.”


Well, I mean, I need to talk to my husband first, then, we need to clean the house and do some repairs, you know?”


“No problem, we can arrange an appointment anytime you like, but you don’t need to have your house ready for visits, neither clean it, nor paint it, nor fix it either. Haha.​​”


“The truth is that the house needs some repairs, but we need to sell it as soon as possible. These are tough times.”


“As I said, that is not a problem. The leading service we offer to our clients is buying properties as-is. – If you need to sell your house fast, we can set an appointment to visit it.” 


“Thanks, but my husband and I are concerned about receiving strangers at home. You know, the pandemic. On the other hand, we know that our house needs some repairs we can not afford by now.”


“Well, we are more than happy to help you. Visiting your house takes about 30 minutes, then we can make you an offer for it. If you accept it, we will close in less than two weeks. You don’t need to do repairs at all.  We will take care of everything.”

After we set an appointment, we visited the client’s home. We found out that the house needed major repairs that they couldn’t afford. 

After the evaluation, we made an offer for the property, and the clients took few days to accept it. Ten days later, the family had a check on their hands for their house.

We know that every situation is unique. There are many reasons why an owner wants to sell.

In Saint Helen, we had helped clients with properties:

If you need to sell your Saint Helens quickly, contact us, fill out the form on this page, or dial our phone number. We can help you.

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