Lo Que Otros Dicen…

Es muy importante para nosotros que los dueños de casa con quienes hemos trabajado, hayan tenido una gran experiencia. Al final, no estaremos satisfechos si no proveemos la solución que deseas. Así que, mira lo que otros han dicho acerca de nosotros. Aquí hay algunos fragmentos de lo que han dicho algunas personas con la que hemos trabajado.

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I sold my house for cash in Portland

We Buy Houses in Portland  - George Testimonial

We buy houses in Portland in any condition.

In this testimonial video, George, a distressed property owner in Portland describes his experience working with BetterOffHomeBuyers.com. We made it quick and easy and paid him the price he wanted.

Why I Sold My House in Portland Off Market

Recently we worked with a seller in Portland who had a rental home with tenants who hadn’t paid rent for the past 24 months. Unfortunately, the renters also changed the locks and denied the owner access to his own property. The owner tried everything he could think of to work with the tenants, but the tenants still wouldn’t pay up or relocate, and they cut off all communication.

He decided that he could make better use of his money in other endeavors and didn’t want to be a landlord anymore. He asked if we would be able to give him a fair offer for his rental property, as-is. After driving by the property and assessing it from the outside, we made him cash, as-is offer. The owner had simultaneously pursued an eviction, which was granted.

With the eviction date looming, the tenants finally vacated. When we finally saw the property for the first time, it was in much worse condition than we expected …. The tenants had cut holes in the walls and almost the entire place was covered to knee high with clothing, garbage, and rodent feces. The owner agreed to a slight reduction in price to account for the unexpected cost to repair and decontaminate the place, after which we closed in 7 days. Unfortunately, these situations are common with landlord-tenant laws in Oregon being heavily stacked in favor of the tenants.

If you are in a similar situation, we can offer our assistance by purchasing properties that have been left trashed by tenants and making it a stress-free process. If you wish to sell your property with your tenants, we can accommodate this as well.