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Lo Que Otros Dicen…

Es muy importante para nosotros que los dueños de casa con quienes hemos trabajado, hayan tenido una gran experiencia. Al final, no estaremos satisfechos si no proveemos la solución que deseas. Así que, mira lo que otros han dicho acerca de nosotros. Aquí hay algunos fragmentos de lo que han dicho algunas personas con la que hemos trabajado.

¿Deseas compartir tu propia experiencia con nosotros? Envíanos una nota para que nos dejes saber cómo ha sido para ti trabajar con Better Off Home Buyers.

Bernice Was Happy to Sell Her House Quickly

“He was very good at what he did, and I would recommend him.”

Bernice Sold Her House for Cash

Bernice needed to sell her house quickly. We made her a fair market value cash offer, and she took it. We helped her move out, got her a motel to stay at. She was very happy to be able to leave anything she didn’t want behind, as we took responsibility for the clean-up.

- Bernice

Nancy’s husband had just passed away and she found herself in a tight situation.

Nancy’s husband had just passed away and she found herself in a tight situation. She could not afford the mortgage, taxes, or insurance on her own. She wanted to sell and relocate closer to her daughter and grandson. She had a lot of memories in that house, is a strong Christian, and wanted to make sure she was going to sell it to the right person and in the right way.

We were thankful to be able to meet her entire family; her daughter, and her grandson. It took time for her daughter to coordinate the relocation, and we were able to give Nancy flexibility to move when everything was ready.

We are so thankful to be able to help people like Barbara and her family
get out of a stressful living situation and better their lives.

Barbara and her family had lived in their run-down house without hot water for 2 years. The family of 4 relied on their grandson Nathan’s income from the local gas station. They felt stuck in a house needing repairs they simply couldn’t afford. There was standing water in the basement, the house smells like mold, there was mold everywhere including black mold. They had met with investors and didn’t like them, they met with realtors and didn’t like them. They were waiting for the right person to come along.

We were able to add value and get them out of their stressful situation, by not only buying their house, but helping them relocate, and helping their grandson find a better job above minimum wage. We released funds early, before closing, for them to use on the down payment of a new house so they didn’t end up homeless between houses.

They are so happy and grateful with our process, they have called and texted him multiple times to let Chris know how grateful they truly are. Barbara and Nathan said that they would not be able to spend another winter in that house and that we are essentially saving their life.

We are so thankful to be able to help people like Barbara and her family get out of a stressful living situation and better their lives.

Richard Sold His House Quickly and Easily

“Very professional, expedited the process….very satisfied”

Richard Sold His House Quickly Off Market in Oregon!

Richard wanted a quick and easy sale of his Oregon home. He found us and we were able to give him a fair price, in cash, for his property.

Rodney Sold His Rental Property For Cash

“This company took over the renter….This was a great idea, our capital gain will be a lot better.”

Rodney Sold His Rental Property For Cash!

Having sold his rental property for cash Rodney was happy to have not lost a lot of money on the deal and to not have to deal with the renters. He did his research before selling to BOHB and noticed that there were no negative reviews, only positive testimonials online, so he decided to go ahead and make the call.

Wayne Sold His House for Cash Off-Market

Wayne Sold His House Off Market For Cash!

Wayne had a great experience selling his house off market. Working with Better Off Home Buyers allowed him to have more control and get cash for his property.

We Help Tenants of the Properties we Purchase

We Help Tenants in the Houses We Buy
Amri and Farjad were both tenenats of a property we purchased in Portland. They were a bit stressed to be out of a place to live when they found out that the house was sold to Better Off Home Buyers. However, we worked with them to get them relocated and helped cover moving expenses. They were extremely grateful and we were very happy to have the property in our hands.

Denise Sold Her Mother’s House in Portland

Denise Sold Her Mom's House in Portland

Denise needed to sell her mom’s house. It was in need of some repairs, yet Better Off Home Buyers made a fair offer and the deal was made in a timely manner.

Vern Sold His Home Fast & Easy

Vern Sold his Portland Property Fast and Easy!

Vern was very happy to have sold his house quickly with Better Off Home Buyers. The process was easy and quick.

Clark Sold His Home Off Market in Portland Oregon

Clark Sold His Home Off Market in Portland Oregon!

Clark sold his Portland property for cash because he wanted to move out of the city and into the countryside. He was happy to have worked with Better Off Home Buyers because he didn’t have to deal with a real estate agent, made his own terms, and the process was painless.