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“They went out of their way to make sure I was happy with the deal and they assisted in any way they could to make the process easier…”

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We buy properties in Fresno, California. Hundreds of homeowners like you are happy to sell their properties to us. We buy homes in any condition at any time.

Get cash quickly for your primary house, rental property, duplex, larger multifamily unit complex, or land as well. Regardless of the situation, you are going through, we will buy your property.

You can sell your house the best way in Fresno without using a real estate agent. A direct sale is convenient when homeowners want to sell their properties without stress and get more out of the sale.

We know how frustrating it is to list a property. For this reason, we offer the off-market alternative. Check out our process. It is stressless and fast. You don’t need to pay agent commissions, closing costs, additional expenses, and the time-consuming associated with selling your house.

When someone thinks about selling his property, people typically, have the impulse to hire a real estate agent. A real estate agent is a well-trained person in real estate matters, they must possess a license issued by the California Department of Real estate.

Although realtors know how to list a property and fill the sale paperwork efficiently, they have a sale practice that includes demanding homeowners to accomplish a long and detailed list of requirements. Those conditions, among others, are: Do any minor or major repair the house may need. Get rid of extra furniture or buy new ones to stage your home. Get your property inside and outside with new paint. Manage visitors, and improve your home’s curb appeal. Pay social media and magazines ads.

The expenses that are needed to get your house ready for sale are on you obviously. In addition, you need to sign an exclusive sale contract with your real estate agent. This means you can not sell your house using any channel but your agent. You also must pay a 6% agent commission plus closing costs.


Are You Selling Your House in Fresno, CA?

To sell a home and get the best money for it. Homeowners have to deal with a lot of effort and spend money that does not always bring the desired outcomes. By tradition, when a homeowner needs to sell his house, he hires a real estate agent. Still also, by tradition, the homeowner needs to spend thousands of dollars and be willing to use his time to manage appointments and comply with the agent’s demands.

The  Easy Way To Sell Your  House

There are several ways to sell a house. As we mentioned, people traditionally hire a real estate agent, but other homeowners decide to try other methods thinking of saving some money. You can sell your property by using the methods as follows.

We Bought Maggies Property As Is For Cash


Rent-to-own is a contract to sell the house to your tenant. Homeowners can help tenants who are working towards homeownership achieve their dream. Because you’re locking in on a sales price for a closing a few years away, you risk home prices rising, so you can set the asking price higher based on an estimation of growth, along with higher rent payments, with a portion applying towards the down. Unlike other tenants, the buyers invest in the property and are financially responsible for the care and upkeep. Under this agreement, it would take a long time to receive the money for the sale of your home.

For Sale By Owner

For sale by owner is a method often chosen in the hopes of saving on commission to sell a house that is no longer working for you. Unfortunately, FSBO listings typically end months later, with the owners reaching out to experts for help. Sadly, when a property listing lingers, buyers know and devalue the property automatically based on the days on the market. Only after learning the hard way do these owners realize that selling a home is an expensive and intensely time-consuming job, and after everything, you’ll likely walk away with less.

Why not reach out to Better Off Home Buyers with your questions or concerns? We are happy to help you with no obligation. Save yourself the time and trouble of trying the other options first. When you’re ready to sell a house that is no longer working for you. Contact us,  send us a message to learn more.

We are a local professional home buying company. Our job is buying properties in Fresno and across California.

Take Out a Second Mortgage

If you have built a lot of equity in your home, you may want to take out a home equity loan — if you can afford to pay the higher monthly payment, that is. If not, you may be able to renegotiate a loan modification plan with your lender or convert your adjustable-rate mortgage into a fixed-rate mortgage that has a lower interest rate. The loan can be used to fund other things, including real estate investments.

MLS Listing

The traditional selling method is quite expensive and time-consuming, along with the high cost of real estate agent commissions, typically six percent of its final sale price, marketing mortgage payments, expenses, and other professional services like inspectors, appraisals, designers, and photographers. Homeowners often overlook many additional hidden costs when calculating the costs involved in a home sale process.

In summary, sellers pay around 30% of the home sale price in costs. In addition, real estate agents have no control over when your property will sell, so you should include maintenance costs and mortgages that add up over time when you calculate your numbers.

Selling Your Home To Us

Compare the difference between listing and selling your house to us. As follows is a chart with information on expenses a homeowner could have when he is selling through a real estate agent vs. off-market.

Sell your house Fast Portland
ActivitySelling w/ An AgentSOLD To Better Off House Buyers
Inspection & Financing Contingency*:Yes, sales can fall throughNONE
Appraisal Needed:Yes, the sale is often subject to appraisal – The seller pays the feesNONE – We make cash offers
Average Days Until Sold:+/- 91 DaysIMMEDIATE CASH OFFER
Number of Showings:On average, 20 showings1 (Just Us)
Who Pays For Repairs?:Typically, The Seller. However,  during the Inspection Period, repairs can be negotiatedNONE – We pay for all repairs
Commissions / Fees:You, the seller, pay 6% on averageNONE
Closing Costs?:You, the seller, pay 2-5% on averageNONE – We pay all costs
Closing Date:30-60 +/- days after accepting the buyers offerThe Date Of YOUR CHOICE

As you can see. Perhaps there are alternatives to selling your home. Most of them require time and money. In general, you must be willing to wait months and cover the costs of selling your home. On the contrary, if you take the alternative of selling to us. You will save time and a significant amount of money.

There are many reasons why Californians choose to sell their properties: They might need to move somewhere else for work, they might need to sell a co-owned home after a divorce, or they might want to get rid of an inherited house that’s turned out to be too costly to take care of.

Homeowners have to deal with the time-consuming and often unbelievable expensive hassle of finding the right real estate agent to oversee the buying process, including listing their home on the local market and scheduling visits.

The Federal and local legislations are protecting tenants from evictions. Landlords can’t open a case against defaulting tenants until 2022. Meanwhile, they have to comply with their rental properties needs, mortgage, taxes, and maintenance.

Landlords In Fresno

Sell your house Fast Portland

Because of the Federal and California’s tenant-landlord regulations, a significant crisis has risen, making it near too impossible that landlords can recover control over their properties. As a result, desperate landlords are selling their properties. Fortunately, we can help them. Our home-buying process brings relief to landlords and a helpful hand to their tenants.

We buy your rental property in Fresno, San Jose, Sacramento, and across the state. We will take care of repairs, cleaning, legal matters link to the property. You will have cash in your hands as fast as seven days  Contact us.

Click on the testimonials button on this page and check out the testimonials of hundreds of satisfied homeowners like you that sold their properties to us. Our comprehensive home-buying program offers you a solution to your rental-home problems.

We also pay cash for your primary house, duplex, or larger multifamily unit complex and land. Regardless of the situation, you are going through. We will buy your property.

The Pandemic: Being a landlord during the pandemic has caused frustration and headaches to many. Some landlords had enough of losing their investments. Leaning on covid-19 legislation that favors tenants, many of them stopped paying rent. Later, when the ban on evictions ended, some tenants abandoned the properties leaving behind significant debt and damages. However, federal and local legislations still protect them, leaving adrift landlords who worked hard to build their patrimony.

Sell your rental home fast, and for the maximum of dollars, you can get. If you need to repair the rental property, hire a lawyer to try to recover a least some of the money your tenants did not pay, and on top of that, deal with your emotions, the pressure you may experience could be unbearable. So, you don’t need to embark on such an endeavor.

Sell Your Home AS-IS

Some homeowners have to go on a long, expensive, and exhaustive repair trip, home stage, curve appeal, deep cleaning, and also, they need to comply with a long list of their realtors’ requirements. 

The good news is you can sell your property AS-IS. You don’t need to immerse yourself in a pile of bills, documents, and months without results.

Homeowners in Los Angeles follow the most convenient timeline without paying excessive real estate agent fees, closing costs, and other related home-sale costs.

We have been assisting homeowners in California for many years. Our communication lines are always open to ensure our clients that the sell-buying process is seamless every time. 

Our home buying process doesn’t take long. Typically, after we visit your home, we will present an offer. As soon as we get the offer approval from you, we will proceed with the necessary to close in the shortest possible time. On many occasions, up to 7 days, sometimes we close in 2 days.  

If you’re in a rush to sell or simply do not want to deal with the headache of major repairs, staging, and multiple appraisals, We will buy your house as-is. We won’t ask you for any sneaky realtor’s fees, so you can sell your property fast and stress-free.

Contact us to set an appointment to visit your home. We will make a competitive offer in less than 24 hours. You will get the cash in about seven days.

How to Sell Your House Quickly?

If you are going through personal problems. It may be that you are behind on your mortgage payments, facing foreclosure, dealing with tenants that cannot pay their rent. Or you just want to sell your home.

Please check how our home buying process works. You need to contact us only, we will make an offer for your house, and you will receive cash in about seven days. It sounds so simple, But when you do business with professionals, everything goes so smooth that seems too simple.

Distressed homeowners can stop their suffering by taking action. Just call us to set an appointment to visit your property. Some people, leave their homes and resign to face foreclosure. But this decision brings emotional and financial setbacks in all cases. Other homeowners prefer to sell their homes before the damage gets greater.

We Buy Houses in Keizer, Oregon
Sell your house Fast Portland

Our Process

Timeframe: Once we collect your property information, we will present you with a fair all-cash offer within 24 hours. If you accept it, we can close as quickly as 7 days or on your schedule. Sometimes we can have a check on your hand the very same day!

  • If it meets our buying criteria, we’ll contact you to set up a quick appointment. 

Criteria: We buy houses AS-IS; however, some properties are out of our home-to-buy standards with few exceptions. In those cases, we inform the homeowner immediately, and in our best effort, we direct him to other selling options.

We’ll present you w/ a fair written, no-obligation offer.

As soon as we visit your home, we will do an appraisal of it. We will then present you with a fair offer in writing. We take into account all the variables that affect the fair price of a home. Our proposal is based on the conditions of the house and the price compared to the market.

For us, Buying Your House Takes Little Time

  • You don’t need to spend money on home repairs.
  • You don’t pay for real estate commissions.
  • You don’t need to receive strangers in your house.
  • You don’t need to risk your health to sell your property.
  • You will get the money as fast as 7 days.

We Pay Cash For Your House

We will work according to your schedule to visit your house. Then, we’ll present with you a writing non-obligation offer. After accepting our proposal, you will have cash in your hands in about 7 days.

Better Off Home Buyers, Is The Solution

We begin the process of buying your home when you fill out the form on this page or dial our phone number.

Once we receive your information one of our associates will contact you. Then we will schedule an appointment to visit your property.

Once we receive your information one of our associates will contact you. Then we will schedule an appointment to visit your property.

Then, we will send you a written offer. Accepting our offer is entirely yours. There is no pressure or harassment.

Once the purchase process is completed, we will pay the agreed amount in cash.

Closing takes seven days, but that just depends on the process itself, sometimes we can close in two days.

For many years, including the time of the pandemic, our company has purchased houses and also rental homes some of them inhabited by excellent tenants. People that have been affected by the covid crisis suddenly found themselves unable to pay rent.

Sell your house Fast Portland

Selling a property through the market in Fresno is an experience that shouldn’t cost. If you want to sell your home, you don’t need to go through a long and stressful process. Typically, a market sale takes from 91 to 180 days and costs around 30% of the sale price. Have on account that real estate agents demand the seller to pay for home repairs, closing costs, and a bunch of unnecessary expenses before they list the property.

On the contrary, when a homeowner sells her home to us, she receives top dollar for the property, does not pay for repairs and other expenses, and gets cash as little as seven days.

Additionally, we contact the persons or entities interested in the property, such as liens, debts, claims, and anything else involving the purchase operation. Our team takes the necessary steps to complete the transaction in the shortest time possible.

Our Home-Buying Process

Our buying-home process goes as simple as 1,2,3.

1, you contact us by filling out the form on this page or by dialing directly

2, we will present you with a writing offer for your house.

3, you’ll have cash in your hands in about 7 days.

Sell your house Fast Portland

If you are selling your house in Fresno, sell it to an investor like us. We can guarantee you a win-win price. A real estate agent can not guarantee a quick sale and significant savings. We buy your house for cash quickly.

Contact us.

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