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We Buy Houses in Grants Pass, Oregon

If you need to sell your property in Grants Pass, Oregon, you’ve come to the right place. Our home-buying process is quick, easy to understand, and saves you time, money, and a lot of inconveniences.

If you sell your house in Grants Pass, Oregon, we can make a reasonable offer regardless of your house’s condition. Better Off Home Buyers count on the resources to buy homes immediately, other home-buying companies cannot say the same.

We buy houses in Grants Pass, Oregon.  We pay cash for them. We can close in 7 days. Call us to begin the home-buying process quickly.

“They went out of their way to make sure I was happy with the deal and they assisted in any way they could to make the process easier…”

Mathew Mexicotte

We Buy Homes In Grant Pass Quickly

My name is Scott Dalinger. I am the CEO of Better Off Home Buyers. Our company includes experts in purchasing homes, condos, duplexes, multi-family units, and land.

For many reasons, homeowners and landlords decide to sell their properties. Yet, people expect to sell their homes in the shortest time possible and at the top price. But not always; the selling process fills their expectations.

Clark Sold His Home Off Market in Portland Oregon

What Do You Have To Lose? Get Started Now...

We buy houses in ANY CONDITION in OR. There are no commissions or fees and no obligation whatsoever. Start below by giving us a bit of information about your property or call 1-888-827-0889...
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Working With Us

We’re not a listing company. We’re the ones buying your house.

One of the biggest questions we get is, will you list my house on the MLS, or will you buy it? 

The answer is that we are not agents; we don’t list properties on the MLS. We are a home buying company. This activity is our everyday work. We are who are going to buy your house.

The Better Off Home Buyers’ Home-buying process goes as 1,2,3.

1, you contact us by filling out the form on this page or by dialing directly

2, we will present you with a written offer for your house.

3, you’ll have cash in your hands in about seven days.

Our home-buying process will put cash in your hands as fast as seven days.

It is simple. We will pay cash for your primary house, rental property, duplex, larger multifamily unit complex, or land.

Regardless of the situation you are going through. We will buy your property.

Behind On Mortgage Payments

Sell your house Fast Portland

Despite federal and Oregon regulations to minimize the effect of the pandemic on the economy. Unfortunately, many homeowners continue to experience a substantial drop in income. Therefore, they fell in mortgage payments; some are facing foreclosure, and others will have to. Additionally, to sell your home to avoid foreclosure, there is information that might be helpful for you on Oregon’s website.

If you are in crisis. If selling right away and avoiding foreclosure is what you need. We buy properties in Grant Pass. We can visit your home soon, or on your schedule, we will make an offer for your home in 24 hours.

We base our offer on the property’s conditions and the market’s variables. Therefore you will receive the best offer for your home in the local real estate market.

Grants Pass Mom And Pop Landlords

In the same way, some landlords In the Grants Pass community have been struggling because their tenants have suffered financially during the pandemic and stopped paying rent.

According to the Aspen Institute, 30 million Americans might be at risk of eviction.

Small landlords with a mortgage obligation suffered the worst consequences of the coronavirus crisis. There are reports of tens of hundreds of mom-and-pop landlords at risk of losing their rental properties in Grant Pass and across Oregon.

Landlords face problems:

  • Rental homeowners depend on up to 90% of rental income to pay their investment house monthly mortgage payments and expenses.
  • Tenants have stopped paying rent due to unemployment.
  • Rental properties tenant-occupied presenting partial or severe damages.
  • Taxes and obligations continue.
  • Run out of personal savings.

How We Purchased Mr. Johnson’s Rental Home

Mr. Johnson is a landlord who contacted the Grants Pass city hall looking for information and advice to handle his landlord-tenant matter. After they listened to Mr. Johnson, He was directed to Oregon’s website, where anyone can find landlord tenant’s regulations.

After checking the information on the city’s website, he decided to keep searching on the internet. Then, Mr. Jonshon found several options, including legal advisors, realtors, and home-buying professionals.

Mr. Johnson”s tenants stopped paying rent months ago. In addition, his tenants subleased the property to other persons, breaking the lease agreement. The home became the residence of more than a dozen people; thus, in a short time, it started to show the consequences of misuse.

Mr. Johnson also contacted Grants Pass well-known law firm, to discuss the case. The attorney advised him not to take any legal action against his tenant because the eviction ban was not suspended yet. Courts were not operating at total capacity, and a legal process would take a long time and a lot of money.

The most effective recommendation Mr. Johnson received from the lawyer was to sell his rental house immediately.
“Keeping the property in such tenant conditions would cost you money and stress,” the lawyer said.
Then, the Attorney handed out the Better Off Home Buyers information to Mr. Carls Johnson. Later that day, he discussed the matter with his wife at home, and both decided to contact us.

After a joyful conversation, we visited our client’s rental house. His tenants were friendly, hard-working people suffering from the coronavirus hardship. We inspected Mr. Johnson’s rental property without inconvenience. We must say that his tenant and the rest of the people living on the property cooperated.

The same day we visited Mr. Johnson’s house, we presented him with a written cash offer. We bought his rental home and agreed with the tenants to let them stay on the property for 30 days and help them with the moving expenses.

We’re not a listing company. We are the company that buys your house.

You Can Also Sell Your Rental-Occupied Property

Many Landlords are facing rental income losses. The state of Oregon, the counties, and Grants Pass also implemented new eviction regulations to protect tenants. But with devastating effects on landlords.

The good news is that we buy tenant-occupied properties and inherit their tenants. We can make an offer and close in a short time. In the past, present, and future, Better Off home Buyers help landlords by buying their tenants-occupied properties.

We will buy your rental home in Grants Pass, Oregon.

Sell your house Fast Portland

Sell Your Home Fast

No doubt, the fastest solution for a homeowner or small landlord in crisis is selling the property. 

Better Off Home Buyers will buy your property in Grants Pass. 

Together, you and our company can work to reach a win-win transaction. 

  • We know that the housing inventory is low.
  • We can offer a fair market price for your property.
  • We can close in 7 days.

You can sell your Grants Pass home to us through a transaction that will take a short time.

  • You don’t need to expend money on home repairs
  • You don’t pay for real estate commissions
  • You don’t need to receive strangers in your house.
  • You don’t need to risk your health to sell your property.
  • You will get the money for your home as fast as seven days.
  • You are free to accept our writing offer at the time you decide.
  • No pressure, no hassle.

After our first contact, we will visit your house, and then we will present to you a written offer for your property. You are free to take the time you need to close the sale. We will work with your schedule. After we receive an ok from you for our proposal, you will have the money for your property in 7 days or less our proposal.

If you are selling your Grants Pass tenant-occupied property. Better Off Home Buyers will buy it. We purchase AS-IS properties. This includes homes needing repairs, Landlords, and homeowners with personal or financial problems.

Do you need to sell your property?

We Buy As-Is Properties


We’ve had many people contact us that were tired of being a landlord. People who have had a rental property for a long time are ready to sell. They don’t want to go through the hassle of relocating tenants, renovating the house, hiring a real estate agent, marketing the property, showing it, and finally selling it.

Recently, due to the pandemic, the federal and local eviction ban rules protected renters but were devastating for landlords who did not could collect their rent for months, even more than a year in many cases. We have had the opportunity to help desperate landlords by buying their occupied rental properties.

At the same time, we have helped their tenants who wanted to move out or sign a new lease agreement. We buy your rental property As-Is. Contact us for more information.

Run Down

No matter what the physical condition of the property is, we buy it. You don’t need to put any money into fixing up your house. Does the carpet or flooring need to be replaced? Water damage? Mold? Does the kitchen or bathroom need to be updated? Is Moss on the roof? Are the old gutters clogged? Do the aluminum windows need to be updated? Or just general wear and tear? Don’t worry. We’ll make you a fair offer regardless of the condition. 

Home repairs are the main concern for homeowners when they want or need to sell their properties. On many occasions, the cost of repairs is so vast that people think they would never sell their home. But that is just a myth. To sell your run-down property, give us a call. We will take of everything.

Inheritance & Probate

Have you inherited an unwanted property and need cash now? Are you the personal representative of the estate for the probate process? We will make you a fair offer and take care of cleaning out the property. You don’t need to lift a finger to get the property ready for sale. We’ll do all the heavy lifting, even if the property has tenants. We’ll take care of it all for you. It’s our job. 

Sometimes an inherited property causes problems among family members. It may happen that relatives do not agree on a time, expenses, and taking care of the house. Sometimes it becomes a practical solution to sell the property, but that also is a decision that generates disagreement; it could be that some of the family members approve of investing money in-home repairs, and others may consider it a waste of time and dollars. 

If you want to sell your inherited property or if you are a representative of an estate, fill out the form on this page o dial our phone number directly. We want to hear from you. 

Eviction & Tenant Situations

Do you have tenants that are not paying? Are tenants taking advantage of Oregon’s tenant-friendly laws? Have you evicted tenants and your property is damaged? Or just flat-out bad tenants? We can handle any tenant situation. We’ll make you a fair offer and take care of the tenant’s situation. 

Tenant-landlord relationships have been a sensitive issue durant the last two years. On one side, rules prohibited evictions; on the other side, landlords were not receiving any money from their rental investments, carrying out the costs such as the mortgage, maintenance, and property taxes.  

After evictions were lifted, the nightmare became a reality for many landlords, with no money in their pockets and a destroyed rental-occupied home. Thus, the solution. Get rid of the property before the damage worsens. We can take care of your tenant-occupied property. We will buy it through a seven days process.


We help landowners in Grants Pass and across the country. If you have inherited a parcel of land that you do not need. You may not have time to keep it or put it into production. You could be behind on your payments or need money immediately. We buy land; We will make a cash offer for any land, whatever its condition and situation.

Biohazard Cleanup

Hoarding, drug houses, crime scenes, homicide, suicide, and unattended death on the property. We’ve dealt with it all. There is no need for you to hire a biohazard cleanup company. We have our cleanup crew. Our goal is to make your selling process quick and easy.

We Make Selling Easy

Depending on the situation… 

We will close on the date of your choosing.  

Whether it is 6 days or 6 months, you choose the date.   We will pay for your move to your next place.  

We will pay for your probate attorney.  

We will pay for your eviction attorney.  

We will transfer utilities for you.  

We will find your next place to live so you can sell confidently.

We will take over tenant communication.  

You can live at the property for weeks after closing.

Provide a free storage unit.  

You will receive complimentary trash removal.  

We will take care of donating anything you don’t want that’s still intact.

Contact Us

Contact Us

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