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Can You Take Your House Off the Market?

If you have listed your home but have decided not to sell it, can you take it off the market?

If you don’t have a contract with a buyer, you can take your house off the market at any time. Some homeowners take their homes off the market, at least temporarily. However, It’s not common for sellers to change their minds.

Sometimes, a seller can back out of a sale if they would like to do so; this often happens if they get a better offer and want to accept it instead. Or if they’ve been looking to buy a new home to replace the one they’re selling and can’t find one they like. Homeowners may consider taking the house off the market because they see more potential and less stress selling the house off-market.

You shouldn’t remove your listing lightly. If you spent money cleaning and decluttering, staging, repairing, or getting professional photos, you wouldn’t get those funds back. Some real estate agents may even charge a fee for taking your house off the market, though most will understand. Whatever you decide, you still have plenty of options if you take your home off the market.

Reasons to Take Your House off the Market

Is it worth selling a house off the market? Among others, here are a few of the most common reasons.


Sometimes finances change unexpectedly because of a medical emergency, personal issues, or job-related situations. Or simply, you’ve decided it’s not the best time to buy a new home — which usually means it’s not a great time to sell your current home. Also, the rising interest rates, brief job history, and the price tag of a new home payment cause people to take their homes off the market.


In many cases, buyer rejections force sellers to take the house off the market to work on improvements. If your home doesn’t sell, it might be worth taking it off for a makeover to help attract more buyers. While planning to sell, you should focus on renovation projects that will offer you a strong return on investment. Your ROI depends on the cost of the improvements, the value of your home after renovations, and what a buyer will pay once it has been improved.


Taking the house off the market is a good strategy. The time your home is on the market is money that you lose. A stale listing can be a red flag for buyers, who might assume there’s something wrong with the property, even if there isn’t.

If you’re not receiving offers for your house,  you might consider taking it off the market for a more extended period until market conditions shift in your favor.

Change your Mind

You put a lot of time, effort, and love into your home, which is filled with memories. Some sellers don’t realize their emotional attachment to their homes until buyers come through the door. Then, double thinking, you decide to take the house out of the listing.

No Offers

The Real estate market is volatile. No one can predict if a property will receive offers soon or in four months. An offer depends on many factors, and sometimes no proposals, no visits, no phone calls or emails are the constant when the house is in the market waiting.

Misrepresentation By Your Real Estate Agent

Yelp and other review sites show the dissatisfaction of homeowners who feel that their agents do not fully represent their interests. Real estate agents make their living on commissions, so instead of concentrating on one owner, they prefer to have as many clients as possible, which translates into negative results.

Homeowners’ complaints include a lack of communication from their agents and scheduling and managing visits. Expenses incurred to comply with the agent’s demands, excessive time without offers, and the stress generated by the misrepresentation.

Consequences of taking off your home from the market

It all depends on the terms of your contract and your reason for taking down the listing. If you’ve listed your home through a real estate agent and want to take it off the market,  you should know that some real estate agents charge fees for removing a listing. If you decide to work with a new real estate agent, expect your old agent to charge you something to recoup the cost of their time.

Before making a decision, review your contract or contact a legal agency for assistance. Have an open discussion with your real estate agent if that is the case. In the worst-case scenario, if your agent worked hard to sell your home but you denied reasonable offers, you can be liable for your agent’s full commission, which is typically 3% of your home’s sale price.

Time & Money

Without selling your house, the time it is in the MLS listing is money that you will pay in bills for utilities, home maintenance, mortgage, and taxes. The sooner you sell your property, the sooner you stop doing extra expenses. 

Market Conditions

Things can change at any moment. Interest rates may go up, affecting the ability to buy. The market can switch from sellers to buyers without warning. The time to sell your home in the market is no longer an option. A new listing will increase the time you were expecting to close.

Personal plans

Taking your home off the market will alter your plans for relocation because of a new job, Moving to a better school district area, or acquiring another property to become a landlord.

Can I sell my house off the market?

Yes, homeowners can sell their properties off the market. You can sell it by yourself (FSBO). You can advertise the property on different online platforms and hire an escrow company to help you with the paperwork. The other option that works very well is by contacting a professional home buyer. Investors make the selling process faster than a real estate agent, straightforward, and accessible. And most importantly, you don’t need to wait months for buyers to show up.

When you are ready to sell your home, you may consider listing it with a real estate agent. However, there are several reasons why selling to an investor may be a better option. For one, you will typically receive a cash offer without any obligation. This means you can sell your home quickly without worrying about closing costs or commissions. 

Additionally, investors are often willing to purchase homes “as is,” which means you won’t have to make any repairs or renovations before selling. If you are looking for a fast and hassle-free way to sell your home, then selling to an investor may be the best option.

Many people question the clarity and transparency of off-market sales. The off-market home transaction allows sellers to sell their homes in about seven days. Sometimes because of other factors, the transaction will close in two weeks. One of the positive aspects is that the seller receives his cash immediately. Investors generally work with their capital, so they do not depend on lenders and banks.

Investors Pay Top Price?

The short answer is yes. A home price comes out from the combination of various factors. The physical condition of the house and its legal situation are important to arrive at a fair price.  In the real estate market, the price of a property is also influenced by its neighborhood. Typically, investors make an initial offer that the homeowner can discuss.

If A Tenant occupies my House, will an Investor Buy It?

Yes, investors buy homes as-is. Typically, Investors that purchase tenant-occupied homes include in the negotiation the tenants. The transaction takes the same course when tenants are involved, but the closing takes a few more days. It is recommended to have legal assistance in a tenant-occupied home-buying transaction to protect the rights of the tenants, sellers, and buyers.

What is The Difference Between Investors and Realtors?

Realtors are well-trained professionals that can assist a buyer and seller in all the formalities related to a sale-buy home transaction. They advise sellers about the best way to display and present a house to impress buyers. However, they can not solve critical problems.

Investors are problem-solving professionals who assist a seller during the sale process regardless of the property’s price, size, and conditions. Investors make the process work in the seller’s favor, saving him time and money. While a realtor transaction goes between 91 to 180 days, an Investor’s transactions last about seven days, sometimes a few more days.

How Does Work an Off-Market Sale?

Technically an off-the-market home-buying process consists of three steps. 

First Step: Initially, a client contacts the investor company through the investors’ website. The seller fills out the information form and submits it or calls the company’s phone number directly. In less than 24 hours, the client receives a phone call back. The first contact leads to setting an appointment to visit the property, which sends us to the next step.

Second Step: 

When an investor visits your house, some aspects of the property are taken into account, including the physical situation of it and the neighborhood. After the visit, and often during it, the investor will present you with an all-cash offer. The offer terms are not fixed; homeowners can negotiate, study the proposal, and take the time needed to analyze, even shop around, and finally accept it.

Third Step: At this stage, the investor company completes the documentation needed to close the transaction. The legal and real estate company’s departments join knowledge and experience to close in the shortest time possible. Typically, closing a transaction takes seven days, but sometimes, it may be extended a few days more.

Selling your property off the market is an option that deserves a chance. More homeowners are deciding to sell their homes directly to investors because it saves time and money. Not only homeowners who need to sell their homes quickly should take advantage of using investors, but sellers in general. The practice and reviews demonstrate that sellers negotiate on their own terms, do not go through the hassle and stressful experience of selling on the market, and are happier than sellers that list their properties.
By clicking here, you will be directed to our post, where we have analyzed 16 companies that buy homes for cash. Check on the reviews, ratings, and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau and make the right choice to sell your house out of the market and make the best of it.


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