10 Practical & Expert Tips For Selling Your Home For Cash

More and more desperate, fed up, and stressed homeowners who are looking to sell their houses as quickly as possible are turning to the growing number of property investment companies who buy houses for cash. Whether it’s the imminent threat of foreclosure, tenants not paying their rent, or for personal reasons, such as a divorce, … Continued

Can I Sell My Home During Forbearance?

Selling a home during forbearance is not just possible, it can even be the right move to make if you have decent equity in the house. Learn your options here.

Why Better Off Home Buyers is Buying Homes in Portland

When making choices that significantly affect our finances and personal life, it’s helpful to understand the motivation of someone you are working with to achieve a goal. Knowing why someone does the things they do on your behalf can help you make the best decision. Read on to find out why Better Off Home Buyers … Continued

What Does it Mean to Have a Distressed Property in Portland?

Distressed property may be a property that is either in an advanced state of disrepair, which is obvious, and may also have landscaping that has grown wild and is potentially damaging structures or the foundation or facing an impending foreclosure procedure. Although listing and selling your home is a complicated and stressful process during the … Continued

For sale by owner

For Sale By Owner (FSBO): How To Sell Your House Yourself

What is For Sale By Owner? In the U.S., “For Sale By Owner” (known simply as FSBO) is seen as a way to optimize the financial return on your house sale. Basically, if you are not using a real estate agency to sell the house for you, and you are doing all the marketing and … Continued

I’m Tired of Being A Landlord!

This post talks about the landlord’s headaches, bad tenants, and what the solution is when you say: “I’m Tired of Having Tenants, I don’t want to be a landlord anymore.”

Sell your house Fast Portland

Companies That Buy Houses For Cash

This page covers information on companies that buy houses in Portland, Oregon. It discusses the pros of choosing an investor over a real estate agent.

Sell your house Fast Portland

Selling To An Investor vs Huge Online Property Buyers Like Zillow

What is an iBuyer? These online companies are known in the real estate business as “iBuyers” – or “instant buyers” – because they rely on specific algorithms and digital technology to be in a position to make an offer to a prospective seller (and so, a prospective client) immediately. The premise is excellent – when … Continued

How to Decide if You Should Keep or Sell Your House in Portland

Do you want to sell your house in Portland? Just as there is a right time to buy, there is a right time to sell your home. Of course, many factors may influence the decision ahead, such as changes in your finances or significant life circumstances that have caused an upheaval in your life. Perhaps … Continued

How To Sell Your Home Quickly In Portland And Other Parts Of OR

You want to sell your local Portland OR home and you want to do so quickly. Right? Perhaps you have another commitment with the money or you need to move. Whatever the case is, you need to sell your home quickly in Portland and move on. Unfortunately, homeowners who need to sell their home fast … Continued

4 Ways to Sell a House That is No Longer Working for You in Portland

Sometimes in life, what once worked perfectly is no longer the best fit, which can be true of many things, including our homes. While we may feel a great sense of nostalgia about the memories we make in our homes, children grow and move away, leaving empty rooms and creating a desire to move closer … Continued

3 House Selling Tips In Portland

Selling your Portland OR home is never a simple process. But it can be especially difficult if you have to sell your Portland house fast. In this article, we will take a look at a few house selling tips in Portland that will allow you to get a fast sale. Tip #1: Increase The Odds … Continued