Can You Take Your House Off the Market?

If you have listed your home but have decided not to sell it, can you take it off the market? Homeowners may consider taking the house off the market because they see more potential and less stress selling the house off-market.

The Ultimate Seller Home Inspection Checklist

Home inspections are also for sellers. The following home inspection checklist would help you understand needed repairs and prepare your house for sale. You’ve decided it’s time to sell your house, but it’s not in the best condition. You can adjust your listing price to compensate, but you probably are worried about what will happen … Continued

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16 Companies That Buy Houses For Cash

This page covers information on companies that buy houses in Portland, Oregon. It discusses the pros of choosing an investor over a real estate agent.

Appraisal Definition

Appraisal: Definition: appraisal In Real estate is estimating a home’s current market value. It is also an essential tool that provides a real estate negotiation base.

5 Best Cities to Live in Oregon

Nature, people, progress, and authenticity make Oregon the destination for people looking for something new and amazing. If you’re one of the 25,000 people who immigrate to the beaver state every year, here are our picks for the 5 best cities to live in Oregon.

10 Best Elementary Schools In Portland

Choosing the best elementary schools in Portland is a task that new parents do every year. Elementary schools open the path to the individual’s education life. If you are new in your neighborhood, it is crucial to dig into your school district. As follows, we present the 10 best elementary schools in Portland, Oregon. Findley … Continued

The Tree Root Foundation Damage

Although trees add beauty and value to your home, they can also cause depreciation and significant loss.  With time, a tree planted too close to the house walls will invade the house’s foundation and structure and damage your roof, windows, gutter systems, fascia boards, and house veneer panels. No-well-maintained trees overgrow and incur cleanup and … Continued

Keep Portland Weird

Keep Portland weird, please. Portland is known for its quirkiness and unique character of being weird. The city started as a small trading post at the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia rivers. Over time, it grew into a thriving metropolis with a flourishing port, shipyards, and lumber mills. However, by the mid-twentieth century, Portland’s … Continued

Homeless Portland

Portland is not coming back fast enough. After violent protesters a year ago. Today, the city is sinking under trash, graffiti, vandalism, and homeless people.

How Social Media Helps You Sell Your Home

You don’t need to be an expert in digital marketing to bring the best from social media when selling your house. The internet offers hundreds of websites and platforms homeowners can use to promote their homes. The internet has eliminated time and distance; social media has opened channels that people can use for any imaginable … Continued

How Your Garden Adds Value To Your House

If you’re looking to increase the value of your home, adding a well-maintained garden is a great way to do it. Not only will your home look more inviting and beautiful, but a well-groomed garden can also add up to 20% to the selling price of your house. Upgrading the front and back yard does … Continued

4 Pests That Devalue Your Home

Nobody wants to deal with pests, but unfortunately, they are a reality for many homeowners and homeowners. Pests can be a real problem. However, some of them can be treated relatively easily. Others can cause severe damage and devalue your property. We’ll look at 4 pests that devalue your home. 4 pests that may damage … Continued

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How to increase your home value

A house is an asset subject to changes in the real estate market. The offer and demand mark the trends where the market should go. Home prices respond to several factors, like federal interest rates, natural disasters, and unexpected international situations like the pandemic. 

How To Make Money With Your House

If you’re like most people, your house is your biggest asset. And if you’re looking for ways to generate income, renting out your property can be a great option. Not only will you be able to bring in some extra money each month, but you’ll also be providing a valuable service to those who need it.