Can I Sell My Home During Forbearance in Portland, Or?

Mortgage Forbearance plans are the floating table for some homeowners in Portland and across Oregon. Many of them may need to sell their homes to avoid future economic situations and the possibility of be facing foreclosure.

I am selling my daughter’s house.

A concerned mother called us to sell us her daughter’s house. The young woman had fallen into a severe state of depression as a result of the emotional conflicts she suffered due to the loss of her job and personal relationship.

Los Pequeños Propietarios Sin Protección En Portland, Or.

En esta publicación, discutimos la poca o ninguna protección para pequeños propietarios y propietarios de viviendas en Portland y los EE. UU por parte del gobierno federal y local. La pandemia del COVID-19 está afectando a todos y a casi todas las industrias. La Ley CARES que defiende a inquilinos y titulares de préstamos hipotecarios respaldados por el gobierno federal, no incluye préstamos privados poniendo a más de un millón de propietarios en riesgo de perder sus propiedades.

How Long Does It Take To Sell Your Home In Portland, Or.?

In this post, we look at the time it takes to sell a property in Portland, Or. One of our clients inspired us with this analysis. He did a study to determine who would give him more for his property, in less time and without risk of COVID-19.

Resolutions for 2021, Portland. OR

In this post, we are pointing out how the new Coronavirus pandemic has changed our traditional Christmas celebrations. It’s usually not the way 2021 begins. Lockdowns, restrictions, illnesses, and a shaky economy welcome the new year.

Holiday Season In Mortgage Forbearance.

Holiday season is the time to share love with family and friends. The COVID-19 shadow is stealing our 2020 holiday season joy. Unemployment, lack of income, Mortgage forbearance, and foreclosure are the wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree. Homeowners in need to sell their homes fast are contacting Better Off Home Buyers looking to ease their house burden.

Giving Back to Our Portland Oregon Community.

In this post, we want to share our joy in helping some of those most in need in our community. For now, our action of providing the ingredients for Thanksgiving dinner to a few people in Portland is just a small part of our commitment to giving back to our community.

Small Landlords Without Protection In Portland, Or.

In this post, we discuss little to no protection for small landlords and homeowners in Portland and the US. The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting everyone and nearly every industry. The CARES Act does not include private loans that put more than one million homeowners and landlords at risk of losing their properties.

Selling An Underwater House During The COVID-19 Crisis.

In this post, we are discussing the benefit of selling your home or your rental house when things go wrong. Many small landlords are not receiving money from their tenants and are facing the risk of foreclosure. The pandemic and the measurements taken from the authorities are no working properly to control the disease and keep the economy running.

Do You Need To Sell Your Rental Property? Portland, Or.

In this post, we expose Robert’s case. He is a desperate small landlord whose tenants stopped paying rent for the last 8 months. He is unable to do anything because of Oregon’s regulations issued to face the COVID-19 epidemic. Laws protect tenants but leave small landlords adrift. Robert contacted us, and in a short time, Better Off Home Buyers could solve his problems by buying his rental property.

DoYou Need To Sell Your Home During COVID-19? Portland, Or.

In this post, we share the anguish of many homeowners who have been financially affected by the epidemic. They need to sell their properties because they cannot make their mortgage payments any longer. Taking advantage of their home equity is the best solution for their problems.

Selling Your Home In 2020 And 2021, Portland, OR.

With 2021 around the corner, the second COVID-19 wave, mortgage forbearance plans, unemployment, etc… Many homeowners struggle to keep their properties. But the good news is, homes have substantial equity to take advantage of, always there is a way out.

From Forbearance to Foreclosure In Portland, Oregon.

In this post, we are discussing the mortgage forbearance plans implications. Homeowners that were requesting forbearance plans could face foreclosure. Selling the house could solve the money struggles the COVID-19 epidemic has unchained.

Understanding Real Estate Closing Costs in Portland, Oregon.

This page covers closing costs and how they are calculated in Portland, Oregon. It includes information on selling to an investor vs. working with an agent.
Closing costs are an essential part of a home sale transaction that may be expensive.
By selling your house to Better Off Home Buyers you save money and time.