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Giving Back to Our Portland Oregon Community

2020 has dramatically marked our lives. Unexpected changes have been real challenges that have forced us to adapt quickly to a new normal. None of us were expecting to face a pandemic. The word “pandemic” is something that you never look up in the dictionary. To many, that sounds like a horror movie title released on Halloween.

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But the pandemic is real. COVID-19 arrived, among its burden of tragedy has spread a strong dose of unemployment, businesses that have had to close their doors, billions of dollars in losses, and sadly the disappearance of many lives in Oregon, throughout the States States and the world.

In addition to the negative effects of the coronavirus, here in Portland, the echoes of protests demanding equality and respect have been louder and more prolonged than anywhere else in the United States. Many protesters turned violent and ended up looting, destroying property and committing crimes. Many businesses in the center of the city that were already being affected by the confinement orders received the coup de grace from the violent ones so that they would never reopen their doors.

According to, unemployment in Oregon was at 7% for October. November and December have been months where the epidemic has worsened, which has made the authorities order measures to prevent people from grouping together and running the risk of spreading the contagion. Gov. Brown ordered a freeze on activities beginning November 18, and stricter measures effective December 3 as a kind of second lockdown ordered by Multnomah County.

Among some measures the most important are:

  • Eating outdoors will be allowed, with new guidelines and restrictions.
  • Retail stores will be limited to 50% of capacity
  • Indoor faith meetings are restricted to a maximum of 25% capacity or 100 total (whichever is less), 150 outdoors Home
  • and social gatherings indoors and outdoors will continue to be restricted to a maximum of 6 people, with a recommended limit of 2 households.
  • Restaurants may sell takeout only.
  • Gyms closed until further notice.

Everything indicates that Christmas and New Year celebrations will be different in 2020, there will be no family reunions and grandparents will be alone at this time.

Unemployment can return to June to August numbers up to 14% and restaurants, especially small ones, will face financial ruin.

Not Everything Is Negative.

Amid all the adversities that the epidemic has produced, opportunities have also presented themselves. We have seen that most education at all levels can be taken virtually. Work activities such as parcel shipping and transportation have been improved. Working from home is possible, which has facilitated migration to less populated and cheaper cities.

Remote communication using the benefits of technology has brought us closer to distant family and friends, as well as allowed us to find other work and income opportunities. The home buying market has implemented virtual visits, which helps to minimize the risk from spreading the infection. Applications like Facetime, Zoom, and Skype make easy to do business remotely. During the pandemic at Better Off Home Buyers, we have been effectively helping homeowners who need to sell their homes.

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Solidarity, compassion, and charity are virtues that have been exalted in the feelings of human beings during this coronavirus crisis. When the need arises, the citizens of Portland and across the United States have taken to the streets to help.

Throughout Portland there are food banks operated by volunteers and run by different denomination churches, non-profit organizations, and people from the private sector, who gather supplies to take them to those most in need.

Our Contribution In These Times of Need.

Better Off Home Buyers is always ready to offer a helping hand to our Portland community. Now, for the Thanksgiving season, we have gathered resources again, pooling the efforts of our associates and desires to help alleviate the needs of the less fortunate in our city. Friends, Better Off Home Buyers associates, and our families set out to buy groceries and turkeys to distribute before Thanksgiving.

We heard that many families in the Portland area would have little or nothing to celebrate the most important holiday in our country. It is redundant to say that the pandemic has been economically devastating for millions of people across the country and we cannot sit idly by. Although there are organizations that work very hard to provide food for disadvantaged people, all efforts are not enough; we have to do much more so that no human being goes hungry.

To do our bit, we delivered boxes of food with the ingredients to cook a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Each box had enough food for a few days, of course the turkey could not be missing.

On the day of distribution, from early in the morning we arrived in the neighborhood where we knew we would find most of those in need. By noon we had already delivered more than 60 boxes of food, by the end of the day, a total of 110 families received our help.

After we finished distributing the food, we were talking among the companions, for all the experience of helping has been very pleasant, the feeling of joy that invaded us made us not feel the cold afternoon breeze that already penetrated every corner of Portland. But what most struck us all was the expression in the eyes of the people who received the food.

I remember that it seemed to me that the eyes of the people had a special brightness, I did not need to hear the thanks, because you could see the gratitude in the warmth of the look of each individual to whom we gave their box with the turkey and the food.

At Better Off Home Buyers, we are happy to continue helping our community and will continue to do so to the extent possible. By working together, we can eliminate the adversities of the pandemic and rebuild the increasingly uncertain economy, starting with our community and spreading across the world.

We will continue to find the opportunity and the means to help those who need to bring food to their table, just as we will continue to help those homeowners who cannot pay their mortgages and are at risk of losing their homes.

Many independent homeowners and landlords are struggling financially. Although many have federally backed loans, the lack of income will cause more damage, especially in the long term. If action is not taken soon, these homeowners may not be able to make their mortgage payments and may face foreclosure in the not too distant future.

2020 is in its last days, 2021 seems like a mystery that we would not want to reveal. But inevitably that is our destiny. we must do all we can so that together we can solve problems that arise in Portland, the state of Oregon, and across the United States.

If the situation requires you to sell your home to avoid major problems, contact us, Better Off Home Buyers will purchase your property. Call us so we can help you to alleviate your situation.

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