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I am selling my daughter’s house.

The most important purpose that each individual has in life is family. However, creating a family, supporting it, and trying to be a role model is a task that requires a lot of dedication and willpower. Many people manage to establish a well economic life that provides the security of a better future for their children.

By working hard, many have established an inheritance that will then be passed on to their descendants and allow them to meet life’s challenges with better skills than previous generations. Even when children become adults, parents want to continue to make their journey as easy as possible. 

There is nothing more rewarding for parents than helping their adult children establish themselves in their own homes. That is why those with the resources do not skimp on contributing the money necessary for the initial down payment of a house where their children can raise their own families or become independent from the mother’s home to assume the responsibilities of life.

Sometimes things don’t go as expected, and what was a sweet dream turns into a nightmare. Many factors influence things to change dramatically, including an illness, a loss of employment, the social-economic country’s situation, or, as it happens now, COVID-19.

Daily, at our Better Off Home Buyers offices, we receive phone calls from people who have money problems and need to sell their properties quickly. The coronavirus crisis has triggered a series of mishaps. It is precisely one of these homeowners who has motivated us to write this publication.

Why Do I Want To Sell My Daughter’s House?

At the beginning of January 2021, we received a phone call. On the other end of the line, a woman said she wanted to sell her daughter’s house. The comment seemed strange, so I asked her why her daughter did not contact us directly or if she was a minor.

From now on, the caller, who we’ll call Debbie, informed me that her daughter was not a minor and that she had no impediment to communicating with us, only that that day she was attending to other personal matters.

In 2018, Debbie wanted to do something important for her daughter’s future, so after finding a cozy home that the young woman fell in love with at first sight. Debbie paid 30% of the house’s purchase price as a down payment. Then the daughter will settle down and begin her life as an independent adult.

The girl has a bachelor’s degree in communications and worked as director of personnel for a fitness company.

The company was growing steadily in Portland, and they had a project to expand their gym business to Salem, Eugene, and Gresham.

Debbie thought she was making good money; instead of paying rent for an apartment, she could have her place and start building her wealth.

Things went very well for Debbie’s daughter for the first year of ownership. At the same time, the mother settled in Hawaii to dedicate her days to a well-deserved and early retirement.

2019 was a challenging year for the company.  Competing against the giants of the gym industry was exhausting, and the company was forced to take measures to stay afloat. Due to a needed reorganization, the personnel department had to redouble work, which made Debbie’s daughter’s nerves not resist.

The girl’s love life was not going through a good time either. The demands of the job and the constant upsets with her boyfriend, caused the young woman to fall into a deep depression.

A house adrift.

After struggling with her feelings, Debbie’s daughter decided to focus on her work, but the strain of every day’s effort was great and left her without the energy to attend to her personal needs. Thus, little by little, the house was falling into neglect. Dust and disorder took over every corner of the residence.

Debbie, from afar, was unaware of the growing apathy in her daughter’s spirit. Meanwhile, unpaid bills and mortgages piled up. At the end of 2019, still, the company was unable to regain grounds to be chosen for bodybuilders and clients who strive to keep their bodies in shape.

Portland has been a community that loves healthy food, culture, and keeping a good shape, but the near-free membership offered by the big brands in the gym industry had caused a lot of damage to the company where Debbie’s daughter worked.

In March 2020, were officially announced the COVID-19 outbreak and the measures taken by the CDC and the Oregon authorities to control the epidemic. As we already know, the quarantine was ordered, and the activities and places where people congregated were canceled. So, the company was forced to temporarily close many franchises’ doors and later cut staff down.

A few months later, Debbie’s daughter’s depression manifested itself at its finest. Our city experienced the ravages of the pandemic, the demonstrations about racial equality, and the incidents between citizens and members of the police, which have contributed to worsening the economic situation of many businesses and people in Portland.

Both Debbie’s daughter and the house were consumed with total abandon. Debbie told us that when she landed in Portland to check on her daughter, it was unknown which of the two was more abandoned. 

“It seemed like a negative energy had taken over both of them,” Debbie said.

When Debbie arrived in Portland, her daughter owed months of water, electricity, and gas. The bank notified Debbie that it had not yet opened a foreclosure process because, at this time of COVID-19, the courts were not working in full and because they were waiting for a response from the loan holder after emails, calls, and notes by mail that nobody answered. 

Grass and weeds were covering most of the garden and backyard. Mounts of trash were accumulated inside and outside of the house. The garbage smell caught the neighbor’s attention,  So they called Hawaii to alert her of the conditions in which her daughter lived.

Taking Measurements.

Debbie found her daughter visibly impaired. It was evident that the young woman suffered from physical and mental health problems. Without thinking twice, she put her daughter in specialists’ hands so she could start recovering soon. Immediately she hired a cleaning company to remove all the dirt accumulated inside and outside the house. The property’s structure was in good shape, but it needed to be painted.

He asked the bank for an updated report on the mortgage loan situation. The bank reported that at the end of January 2021, it owed 14 months of payments plus the respective penalties and interest. 

After assessing her daughter’s health and weighing continuing or not with the property in Oregon, she decided that the best thing to do was to sell the house. Her heart refused to maintain ties with that house, which she considered the cause of the negative things in her daughter’s life.

Initially, Debbie thought of hiring a real estate agent to sell the house, but when she realized the costs of repairs, the listing time on the real estate market, commissions, and closing costs, and the risk of contagion of the coronavirus from having contact with strangers. Debbie contacted us in search of an alternative that would be more favorable for her and her daughter.

Debbie asked us to make her a fair offer on the house. Then, we made the corresponding property appraisal, and we presented her with a written offer in less than twenty-four hours. 

She accepted our offer, and ten days later, she received a check for her property. Debbie could pay off bank debt, the behind utility bills, and took her daughter to Hawaii to accompany her during treatment.


The novel coronavirus challenges have unbalanced people’s economies, as well as their physical and mental health. 

Hundred of homeowners have been in contact with us during the crisis. Most of them have decided to sell their houses or investment properties because they cannot keep up with the mortgage payments.

When Debbie learned about her daughter’s problems, she immediately took action. We at Better Off Home Buyers are pleased to have helped Debbie because she could focus her efforts on her daughter’s health by purchasing the property.

Many homeowners in Portland and throughout Oregon are in financial distress and need to sell their homes quickly. 

The real estate market is limited by the effects of the pandemic and by the health and Oregon regulations to avoid the coronavirus from spreading. Listing a property for sale in its current condition represents a significant investment of time and money. On the contrary, selling the property to Better Off Home Buyers represents a relief from the burden of stress that has been multiplied in the last year by the epidemic.

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