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Will we return to normal?

Before answering this question we must know what normality is . If we take a look back at the calendar it can be said that in October 2019 we had a “normal life”.

Normal life in the United States broadly before COVID-19 represents working hours of 40 to 70 hours per week in many cases.

Those married people used to share the remaining time of the week with their spouse and children. Also between the children’s school, sports on weekends, the park, the beach, the hiking, friends and the barbecue.

The economic life of the country with its constant movements and strategies to continue with sustained growth. The Political life shading its best colors to impress the electorate on who could be the best choice in November 2020.

It can be said that we had a normal life until just a few months ago, when sporting and cultural events, restaurants and bars made up an important part of our life in the most diverse country of the world. 

What Covid-19  has changed in our life?

We can say That coronavirus outbreak has changed everything. We have seen the devastating effects of the epidemic in the vast majority of countries. Registered cases of infected people numbers had reached  up to millions and the number of deaths exceeded a quarter of a million.

In the United States, despite having a large infrastructure and taking opportune measures to control the crisis, wordly we are contributing the highest numbers of infected people and deaths caused by the epidemic.

Forcefully we have had to change our habits. Quarantine is the daily practice, where all family members have to share the housing 24 seven.

Many companies had to cease activities leaving millions of workers unemployed. Other companies have realized that part of their workforce may work from home.

In a consumer society riddled with industries and products, it has gone from being a constant consumer to almost total austerity.

Some women we have managed to interview have told us that a drastic change has been the crisis for them. Shopping for clothes and shoes and being aware of the fashion trends, as visiting  beauty and nail parlors as well, are not the priority today. Some of them told us that In the future they will visit these places less often.

Due to the mandatory closing of bars and night entertainment places. Some people have told us that it has been a hard change for them, because in these establishments they enjoyed having good times and they had the opportunity to meet and share with a lot of cool people.

As the chameleon we Americans have had to reinvent ourselves. The need to change our lifestyle due to the Coronavirus epidemic has led many to discover new talents. In general we have tended to value more the meaning of patience and compassion.

Despite the financial aid provided by the government, many citizens have suffered tremendous losses. Many have exhausted their savings and have been forced to create new sources of income such as home-made mask manufacturing.

Considering that parks and beaches have been closed to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Parents claim that one of the most difficult things has been keeping children busy and entertained at home. 

Schools have innovated and established online classes, which have made it necessary to have online programs in record time in order to continue with a quality education for all our students.

Due to having to comply with the rules of social distancing, the service industry has been the most affected although a big part of it is considered essential. Millions of workers were left without jobs and many have given barely twenty working hours per week.

Our heroes at this time are not anymore the super athletes to whom we were accustomed, nor the artists, nor the members of our military forces but our doctors and nurses. Americans that second by second put their life at risk in the front line, caring for our patients.

Unfortunately for many people, the funeral services have had to be attended online 

mainly for the relatives of the virus victims. Also we have had to endure the crudeness of the tragedy of having thousands of deaths where many of the dead bodies are put in freezer trucks and others have been buried or cremated without the presence from their loved ones.

Toilet paper became an essential item and during the first days of the crisis it was the first item running out in supermarkets.

What will come after the Coronavirus?

Undoubtedly, life will have a before and after Covid-19. For a long time there will be fear of contagion, which will make it necessary to continue with precautionary measures and hygiene habits both in crowded places and in homes.

It is clear to us that collaboration is essential to fight together for the same goal. Starting at home we can build a better world for all. Collaboration is key for success in our communities, our authorities and the world in general.

We are learning that the real value of things is in our hearts and not in a fancy shop showcase.

We must expect:

  • Changes in our social life. We will get together less frequently and with more caution.
  • We will change our customary handshake or cheek kiss greeting for a respectful bow as is done in Asian culture.
  • It will increase meeting people, falling in love, engaging and getting married on social media.
  • You will be able to attend any university from anywhere in the world.
  • Education from pre-kindergarten to postgraduate can be done through virtual classes.
  • Couples will reduce having children to one or none.
  • More online paid events:

Concerts, many sports and we will visit museums and other distant places.

  • We will see that little by little small merchants will disappear.
  • We will have virtual visits to the doctor and with systems to take the temperature and vital signs at distance, as well as internal medicine diagnoses.
  • People will attend religious celebrations from their computer
  • The practice of online funerals attended will become normal.
  • Artificial intelligence will be an essential tool in the industry and at homes
  • Immigration and human displacement will be greatly reduced.
  • Novel air and ground transportation systems will appear.

We will have thousands of methods and forms of work to meet the demand for new living conditions and millions of new jobs will be created.

Life is a constant change where all beings adapt to what Mother Nature has. What will never change in the life of the human being is the feeling of Love and the basic needs such as Food, Clothing and Housing.

The past is something that no longer exists. the future has not yet arrived, what we have right now is the present. Let’s live it intensely, so we’ll always have a “Normal Life.”


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