Sell your house fast in Oregon

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Worldwide the crisis created by Covid-19 brought many inconveniences to all sectors of the real estate industry.  The lifestyle of most of us has changed dramatically in the last three months. Undoubtedly, we are going through an experience that no one had anticipated.

The positive thing during this tragedy is that it is shown that, as human beings, we have a great capacity to overcome adversity.

With the collaboration of all, with responsibility, and taking the necessary measures, we can contain the virus.

Technology at your service is the new reality presented to us during the epidemic and challenges us not to let our guard down. The crisis is going to end. Hopefully, our lives will return to normal in a short time.

Having to take the bull by its horns, many people have adjusted the way they work, creating new ideas to produce sources of income.

Tools that we use infrequently have become indispensable help for our work and communication with friends, loved ones, and clients.

This is precisely what we want to tell you today. Here at Better Off Home Buyers, we use remote communication systems with our associates and clients.

Using Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp, social networks, smartphones, and other technical systems, we constantly contact the people who require our help.

Every day we have virtual conferences with our team. We have been able to visit properties without being physically in them, which has contributed greatly to continuing our work of assisting homeowners who need to sell their houses quickly.

Other homeowners who want to sell these days of Covid-19 have sent us videos that they filmed to show us their properties and thus safely advance the process of selling the house.

Maintaining Remote Contact

The technology we have at this moment has become an indispensable tool to continue our lives as normal as possible.

Before the crisis caused by the Coronavirus appeared, we already used technology regularly. The country’s schools that have been forced to close have been able to maintain their student’s education programs through the internet.

We have continued making purchases using the different platforms that are available, which we can access from a computer, a tablet, or a cell phone.

Entertainment and communication with our friends and family have been possible. Today we have the technology to your service, so, birthday parties are celebrated where friends and family share the joy on the internet.

To observe the Social distance recommendations, we have seen that weddings have been celebrated through the network. Wedding couples get married protected by masks and gloves. Internet wedding guests at home enjoy and celebrate the new couple’s life.

Some people must take the streets to work or for force majeure. To stay healthy, we must follow the recommendations of the government and the health authorities. The CDC website is very clear, with all the parameters and recommendations to follow to prevent the epidemic from spreading.

The Selling Process With Better Off Home Buyers

Thanks to technology, our work has been maintained in normal conditions. We have helped several homeowners who needed to sell their properties during these months of Covid-19.

Mr. José García permitted us to tell you how we could help him and what he was experiencing with having a team like Better Off Home Buyers at his side.

José is an immigrant from Mexico who has been living in the United States since 1986. While working in Los Angeles, California, he met Angela, a beautiful young woman of Colombian descent born in Miami, Florida.

He says it was love at first sights, like joining the Colombian vallenato with the Mexican corridos rhythms, between laughs, says Angela.

After five years of marriage and an 18-month-old baby, they decided to try their luck in Oregon. Attracted by the property market and job opportunities, they settled in Portland. They say that the weather and the beauty of the Northwest land are what they have fallen in love with her.

Working hard, they managed to create a heritage that consists of the house where their children have been raised, now two men and a little girl who is the princess of the house, the proud parents say, also, a couple of duplex apartments and another house that they had as property income.

José had the ugly experience of having bad tenants in the rental house. Due to the abuse provided by the tenants, the property suffered serious damage to the main bathroom and kitchen. The plumbing system collapsed, and the walls of the living room and the bedrooms were affected by water leaks from the roof. The lawn and the garden, and the backyard irrigation system disappeared completely.

The tenants refused to vacate the property when the lease ended, making it necessary for José to seek legal assistance. After several months of attorney fees and a settlement where the Garcias were financially disadvantaged, the tenants vacated the house.

The estimate of property repair costs showed numbers exceeding several tens of thousands of dollars. Reconstruction would take more than three months.

The Garcia family thought the house conditions still meant they could sell it. So, they contacted several offices of real estate agents.

When the Agents found out about the actual house condition, everyone, without exception, refused to take over the business. They said they did not work with properties that were not ready to be inhabited. They suggested to José that first, he fix the house and then call them back, that only at that very moment they would be willing to help him.

By the end of February 2020, the media began to disclose information about the coronavirus and how dangerous the Pandemic could be, with public health rules, quarantine, and the provisions for social distancing. José saw the possibilities as null and void to repair or sell his home.

In March, José García contacted us through our website. We talked on the phone for several minutes about the property.

The Garcias made a video of the house showing its condition in detail. They sent us the video over. After seeing it, we returned an email proposing an appointment to visit the property.

Protected with masks, gloves, and shoe covers, we met with José and his eldest son in the house for sale. After an inspection, we concluded that the property met our criteria. In less than 24 hours, we presented a written offer to the Garcia family.

José agreed with our offer and was very pleased not to have to cover the house repair costs, paperwork expenses, and commissions to a real estate agent, as well as avoid having to wait months for the repair and sale of the property in the regular market. 

Our process made him feel satisfied.

In less than two weeks, at the beginning of April 2020, we were able to close the deal with the Garcias. We bought their house; they were able to have cash in their hands right away. Most importantly, we could safely and effectively help our clients during this contagion time.

The Garcias told us they could not believe they could sell the property in such conditions so quickly when more than half of a dozen Real Estate Agents had rejected them. We at Better Off Home Buyers are very happy for the García family, and we very lovingly consider them as family members.