We Buy Houses in Portland, Oregon.

We are showing the process of purchasing properties we have implemented in Portland. We buy all sorts of houses. We pay in cash. A normal house purchasing closing is 7 days, sometimes it takes 2 days, but it always depends on the process itself.

Portland Individual Landlords: “We are Tired, We’ve Had Enough.”

In this post, we express frustration and fear that individual homeowners live in Portland and throughout the state of Oregon. Many tenants have stopped paying their rent and this puts landlords at risk of losing their rental homes. Federal and state government regulations protect tenants but have left individual homeowners adrift, who fear they won’t be able to meet their mortgage commitments before the economy returns to normal. Banks are doing the bare minimum required by law to help homeowners and will ultimately be the ones to get most of the pie when moratorium regulations end.

Is The Forbearance Plan Working For you?

In this post, we are writing about some of our client’s concerns in regards to the forbearance plans for federally-backed and conventional loans. Selling your house in forbearance and selling your rental house with tenants.

I Need To Sell My Rental House.

In this post, we present three different situations that our clients are experiencing. The COVID-19 epidemic is damaging to Portland and the United States. Many homeowners and small landlords with non-federally backed home loans are helpless prey in a jungle infested with unscrupulous hungry bankers and moneylenders.

What Should You Do To Sell Your House Fast In Portland OR?

In this post, we review some important aspects of a home seller must have on account when he needs or wants to sell his house. In most cases, a seller carries the house sale burden part, expending excessive amounts of money, money that he may save if sells his property to Better Off Home Buyers.

In 2020, We Buy Your House in Oregon

In this post, we discuss the distress small landlords are having today in Portland and across the country. Mom-and-Pop landlords without federally backed mortgage loans are hand tighted for the federal and Oregon’s regulations in favor of tenants.

Tenants/Landlords COVID-19 Rental/Mortgage struggles in Oregon.

In this post, we discuss the situation that individual homeowners with a non-federally backed mortgage (conventional loan) go through. Single-home tenants suffering from the hardships of the coronavirus as a domino effect are bringing down individual homeowners. Millions of Americans living check by check are the most vulnerable during the coronavirus pandemic.

Avoiding Foreclosure – Conventional Loans in Portland. Oregon

The CARES Act, signed by the president, gives relief to mortgage loans backed by the federal government, but 15 million loans do not have that protection, they are at the mercy of private lenders. Today, 1.6 million unsecured loans are in foreclosure. The third quarter of 2020 is likely to be the scene of the beginning of the great wave of foreclosures.

Can I Sell My Home During Forbearance?

COVID-19 is putting us outside-down in every aspect of our life. Yet, isn’t clear when we become normal. Many homeowners are in jeopardy of losing their home, even if they already sign for a forbearance payment plan, they are at risk. Be proactive, you can sell your house during forbearance avoiding all the complications associated with a foreclosure.

Selling My Rental House In Portland, OR.

Every day we received a lot of desperate individual landlord’s phone calls. They are looking up options and solutions for their rental properties mortgage situations. Many of them are signed on forbearance plans and worry at the same time because, in the midst of this health crisis, they believe they will not economically get their mortgage payments current.

Forbearance, Relief, or Trap?

Check if forbearance is what you need to save your home. Since the CARES act pretends to protect citizens from the COVID-19 economic devastating effects. Be aware of the deferral mortgage payments. It could be a trap that will cost you to lose your house

The COVID-19 Eviction Crisis, 40 Million Americans Are At Risk.

In this post, we are discussing the eviction risk close to 40 million Americans would meet ending 2020, and during 2021. Foreclosures could be counted by thousands if measures protecting homeowners are not taken right away. Better Off Home Buyers buys properties helping the individual landlords that are having economical difficulties during the COVID-19 time.

We Buy Your House At Any Time In Oregon.

Better Off Home Buyers buys properties in Oregon, and across the USA. If you are under the Forbearance program, behind mortgage payments, unemployed, or suffering the coronavirus economic effects, and you need to sell your house to get back on your feet. Contact us Better Off Home Buyers buys your house.